Honey, If You Don’t Want Me To Break Down, Follow These Steps

He knows how to do it. When a man truly loves you, he will make any anger dissipate.

Oh life as a couple! Waking up next to him with the sun’s rays bathing his face, and a gentle breeze coming through the window, on a perfect spring morning. No wait! What is the towel doing on the floor? Darling, why did you let the dog get on the bed, if we haven’t bathed him yet? I think I’m going to collapse!

If this situation sounds very familiar to you, read on.

You are happily in a couple, planning to have children, or already with one, two or three. You have the family you always wanted, but sometimes you find yourself on the verge of exploding, as you seem to speak Mandarin Chinese when trying to communicate.

One… two… three .. Ommm!

I sigh, let go. Again, I take a deep breath, exhale. Now, I am calmer and I am going to tell him, with my best smile, why he put the red coat on to go to school for our child and why he forgot our date on Friday, and invited the grandparents to dinner.

He looks at me somewhat confused. Well, really confused “Now what did I do? , is what you should think. He is surprised when, instead of criticizing, I again explain to him with all the parsimony and calm that this period of the month allows me, that he has not understood my message well.

So I take a pencil and paper

I want to tell him first that I love him, and that I adore living with him, with his mistakes and successes. And that I appreciate the infinite patience you have with me (yes, like almost all mothers and wives, I usually wear something dense when things don’t go my way).

I also want to tell you that the life of a couple deserves a constant renewal of vows, being in tune with the other, and helping each other. I want to tell you that I need you to listen to me, and understand that now that our children are growing up,needs of the family are mutating.

And since there is nothing better than to communicate and tell us things in a good way, I decide to put together a list, so that my husband will find out what are those things that me – and most women – get out of hand and attack against a harmonious coexistence.

But let him also know that he has wonderful traits that make him special, and that many times it is he who manages to calm my anxiety and nerves.

Baby when you don’t want me to collapse on your nerves you jump into action

1 Hold me when I least deserve it

It will be when you need it most. Those days when I feel very nervous, or nothing seems to please me, a hug from you solves everything. Yes, I’ll still ask you not to forget to take the dog out, or thatwash the dishes , But now that you hold me, my words will be as soft as a feather.

2 Laugh with me, or me, it doesn’t matter

There is nothing that makes a woman fall in love more than a sense of humor. I love when you laugh and tease when I scold you. You take my hands and completely soften me. I keep growling, but little by little I start laughing too. If there’s one thing that made me fall in love with you, it’s that you’re so funny. And when I’m about to collapse, it’s good for me that you’re my buffoon.

3 surprise me

Come on, you always knew how to do it very well. Show me that you are still that gallant boy who wanted to surprise me. I love it when, after a maddening day, without saying anything you take care of the children and let me go to bed first.

4 Own all the windows

The house is big, it is impossible to clean it in one day. I go crazy when it comes to cleaning the windows. But there you are, ready to leave the windows immaculate. And that, certainly, is another way to surprise me.

5 Give me compliments, even when my face is that of a grumpy lady

I remember some time after giving birth to our second child, I felt so ugly that I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror. Nothing suited me and I have come to cry silently because my hormones were as upset as my life. Your compliments, loaded with love, appeased my insecurities.

6 Remember my orders

This is a request of all the women of the world. If you know you are going to forget it, write it down. But please don’t make me repeat things so many times. Thanks sweetie.

7 Keep leaving folded clothes in the laundry basket

You are the only human specimen on this earth that leaves folded clothes in the laundry basket. When I think of everything I have to do, and the tremendous amount of clothes there is to wash, I remember that and it passes me by. It just makes my day.

8 Keep showing yourself so satisfied with dinner (even if it’s reheated food)

I have not had time to prepare the dinner that I expected. You know very well that that puts me in a bad mood. Not to mention if the potato cake was not the way I wanted. And there you are, with that face of eating the dish of the best gourmet restaurant in the world. You are simply unique.

9 Don’t stop telling me how in love you are with me

Despite the moments of tension, the fights and lawsuits that arise between us, I know that you have a deep love for me in your heart, as I do for you. And that’s what always saves us.

You, baby, are the one who rescues me when I’m about to collapse. And although many times it is yourself or your actions that drive me crazy, you know very well how to vindicate yourself and make us move on, together. Always fighting and advancing in tandem.


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