Homer Simpson, My Example Of A Man Of Integrity

After reading this article, you will never see Homer Simpson the same again.

The Simpsons is the most successful television series of the last three decades. It is a cartoon series with controversial content, as it uses comedy and satirical tone to tell the life of a dysfunctional family in a modern world, in a typically American society. The themes, the treatments and some elements of the language used in the original versions in English, made the series from the beginning classified as a “restricted” program, which meant that it had to be viewed with a broad criterion and with great discretion.

In Latin America, however, The Simpsons were programmed on a familiar schedule from the beginning, so many of us grew up enjoying the humor (sometimes simple, sometimes very demanding and sometimes somewhat dark) of the program where the “human” characters are yellow .

Homer Simpson

But that “dysfunctional family” was never so clear to me. True: Homer is orphaned by a mother and does not have university studies. He is obese and somewhat careless in his grooming, hates work, is irascible, visceral and avoids books. He loves Sundays, watching football, and drinking beer. He eats a lot of meat and, far from shining in his job, he is sometimes so clumsy that he has put his colleagues, the company and his city in serious danger. However, after many years and more than twenty seasons (with an average of thirteen episodes each), I can say without reservation that this world would be a thousand times better if only half the men were like Homer Simpson.

What did I say? That is precisely: Homer is, perhaps, the most commendable and honorable character among the heroes and villains of the television imaginary and popular culture. And it is that, despite all his defects, Homer has qualities that are not found in trees. It is very common to find in real life people who have the defects of Homer Simpson, but to find those who have his qualities is very rare:

Your family, your motivation

Although Homer is rather lazy and hates to work, he does, and to motivate himself he keeps a huge collection of photos of his baby Maggie at his control station, along with a sign that says “Do it for her.”

Love your children

He is patient with Lisa, despite the girl’s inquisitive and overly rational character; strives to indulge in your intellectual and spiritual needs. Although it is a real challenge for her, she guides and corrects Bart, her oldest son, who is 10 years old: she has changed schools several times, punishes her, motivates, lectures and spends quality time with her, although in the environment of. On one occasion, to prevent Bart from jumping off a cliff on his skateboard, Homer did the jump himself, and later, in the hospital, to demonstrate his worth, love and sacrifice, he said to an extreme athlete: “If you are brave , educate my children ยป.

Is cult

What? Homer, cultured? But if he doesn’t read, or take classes, or go to college! Even so, since his childhood Homer has spent hours and hours in front of the television, so he knows the characters of movies, series and programs by heart. When excited, he quotes memorable lines from great movie gems, poetry, and literary fragments that were broadcast on the screen; he uses heroes and anti-heroes from movies and television series to teach his children ethical principles.

He is cheerful and enthusiastic

How much more Homers are needed in this world, whose natural disposition of mind always tends to amusement. He doesn’t like being sad or angry, and he has found that holding grudges only makes him more unhappy, so he quickly lets go of the grudge. He sings in the shower and while driving his car, and all the things he does, he does with a sparkling, contagious self-motivation.

Is brave

Homer undertakes ambitious projects and champions many noble causes, such as civil protection, the struggle of workers against the bosses, the rights of minorities, etc.

He loves his wife

This is the most remarkable quality of someone who has a reputation for being mediocre, conformist, ignorant, and a failure (it is none of those things). Homer fell in love with Marge in the last year of high school. Years later he discovered that he had fallen in love with her since they were children. He has loved her madly and without restraint forever. He has never been unfaithful to her, despite the fact that he has been in very compromising situations, and whenever he has been on the verge of losing his precious relationship with Marge, he has found a way to win her back and save his marriage. Like a time when he threw a huge, famous catfish that only he could catch (which could have made him a legend) into the lake in order to show Marge that she was more important to him than fame and prestige.

I know: Homer can be maddening, irritating and a great annoyance most of the time, but I’m sure that if all of us who flaunt his flaws presented at least half of his virtues, this would be a safer, more loving, fun world and happy.

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