Home Remedies For Spring Allergy

Spring came to the southern cone and brought all the allergies, do you want to know some home remedies to combat it?

Spring has arrived in the southern hemisphere and the days seem to be longer, as the afternoons enjoy more time with natural sunlight. Flowers are beginning to take over the landscapes and everyone seems to be happier than usual. Everyone, except those who find themselves suffering horrors with the arrival of allergies.

And it is that these conditions produce headache, nasal congestion, irritation of the eyes and nose, general discomfort and many other unwanted symptoms in our body. Undoubtedly, at this time the sale of antiallergic drugs also begins to grow, but you should know that you can also help yourself with some home remedies. Here I share some of them.

Natural infusions

Some herbs and leaves have antihistamine properties, such as bay leaf and nettle. For them to do their job, you just have to prepare an infusion (hot water and a couple of leaves, resting for a while with some sweetener) and take them at least 3 times a day to counteract nasal congestion and irritation.

Herb Vapors

Putting some herbs like chamomile in boiling water and breathing in the steam with its aroma will also help decongest the airways.

Ventilate daily

Especially in the morning, it is important to open the windows of the house to let out the stagnant air during the night in the different rooms. Thus, you will give way to renewed air that will help the allergies dissipate.

Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables with vitamin C

Preparing the body to combat the various annoying symptoms is a very good option. When you leave home, try to bring fruit with you so that you can consume it in the middle of the morning, in this way your defenses will begin to increase.

Have plants at home

They will be in charge, together with ventilation, of making the different toxins present in the air disappear. So it’s time to start putting various “natural filters” on your home d├ęcor.

Resort to eucalyptus

If what complicates you is an allergy to the mites present in your home, you should resort to eucalyptus leaves. Prepare a mixture of water, detergent and a little leaves, to pre-wash your clothes for 30 minutes. You just have to let it rest and then wash it as usual, in this way you can eliminate a large number of mites from your home.

Green Tea

It will help you reduce the discomfort associated with allergic symptoms, as it inhibits the production of histamine, which triggers seasonal allergies.


Consuming foods rich in prebiotics prevents allergies from becoming severe. Although, today there are different supplements that are responsible for giving the body the necessary load of them, keep in mind that consuming yogurt regularly you can fight allergies.

I hope these tips can help you combat the unwanted symptoms of these dates. Always remember to visit your doctor and make sure you are not allergic to some of the components that I mentioned.

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