Hispanic Mom Finds Out She’s Expecting Five Babies; Then His Belly Is Full Of Bruises

Learn about the dangers of bruising during pregnancy and what to do.

The first thing the doctors want to emphasize in this adventure that the García family faced is the calm with which both parents took the facts. These were not twins, but quintuplets, and if everything went well, it would only be the result of a miracle.

The news was published in Little Things, not only because of the fact that a pregnancy of quintuplets is so rare, but because of the “grace and calm” that both parents presented throughout the pregnancy and its complications, which is described by the team doctor who treated Guillermina García.

Each additional baby adds more danger to a pregnancy

According to the Children’s Guide, one in every 80 pregnancies is of twins, while that number shrinks enormously as babies are added. Only one in 80,000 pregnancies are triples, one in a million are quadruplets, and quintuplets and so on are much rarer.

According to the same source, some of the risks that both mothers and babies run when it comes to a multiple pregnancy are the following.


  • Arterial hypertension

This is known as Preeclampsia, through which the mother’s blood pressure rises in a way that can be extremely dangerous for her health and that of her babies.

  • Gestational diabetes

With the same features as diabetes, it develops only during pregnancy, and affects between 5 and 10 percent of pregnant women with more than one baby.

  • Moderate to severe anemia

It is common in 40 percent of multiple pregnancy cases and requires blood transfusion in 10 percent of cases.

  • Caesarean section

Between 50 and 58% of women expecting more than one baby must undergo this surgical intervention that can sometimes be more dangerous than normal delivery, of course compared to single-baby pregnancies.

Guillermina suffered from some of these complications

Dr. Tracy Manuck called this mom an “extraordinary” mom, because despite her complications, such as severe pre-eclampsia, she never once protested.

Another symptom he experienced was the appearance of numerous bruises on his belly

In Guillermina’s case, the bruises were only the result of expecting more than one baby, but according to The Bump, these bruises can be nothing serious, but they can also be the result of a condition known as Thrombocytopenia – which may be indicating that a low number of platelets may be present in the mother. Platelets are responsible for clotting blood and preventing bleeding.

What if you have these bruises

It is important that you inform the doctor, so that they do a platelet check and you can be calm about it, but without a doubt it is something that you should inform the doctor.

Low platelet counts can cause what is known as HELLP Syndrome which can be a serious complication during pregnancy.

Guillermina’s case is still a miracle

Against all statistics, this mother who knew how to stay calm until the last, gave birth to her quintuplets, at 31 and a half weeks of gestation, being only 7 weeks before a pregnancy with a single baby, and THREE weeks more than in quintuplet pregnancies.

Guillermina gave birth at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, to three beautiful girls and 2 beautiful boys, all born strong.

A medical team of 8 people made sure the miracle came true.


Although bruising during pregnancy is a very common symptom, it is not something you should overlook and ignore. Consult with your doctor, and remember that prevention is cure.

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