His Wife Dies Hours After Giving Birth To Their Little Girl, When He Opens His Computer He Breaks Down In Tears

The tears he cried were not enough to express what he felt when he came across what was kept on his wife’s computer.

The arrival of a baby in a loving marriage is always a cause for joy. I still remember when I found out about my first pregnancy, how my mind took a turn and everything became hopeful. I couldn’t wait to hold her in my arms. That is why this news touches mothers very closely; and if you have children you will understand me.

A son grows emotionally healthy when he has the joy of having a mother and father who give him love. However, in the world there are many stories of fathers or mothers who have had to raise their children alone; this is one of them. The Newsner site collects the story of Matt Logelin who had to face the death of his wife just a few hours after giving birth. But his strength was so great that today, his story is known throughout the world and he has even written a book about it.

Everything was fine

Matt and Liz were a lovely couple. They had met in high school and their love was so strong that they decided to start a family. In 2008 Liz became pregnant. She was a girl, and they decided that she would be called Madeline.

Liz’s feelings about motherhood were on the surface, and she really wanted to express it and tell the world what was happening. So, she started a blog where she narrated everything that was happening in her pregnancy. Also, as her pregnancy required rest, it was a good excuse to keep her loved ones and friends informed. Her idea was then to continue it when little Maddy got home. I planned to post every lived moment. But a fatality prevented this from happening.

When the girl was born everything seemed to be fine. Although she had arrived seven weeks ahead of schedule, and through a cesarean section, her mother had respected the rest and the girl had been born in optimal health. However, Liz was not fully recovered from the operation, and the doctor had recommended that she still remain in bed for at least 24 hours.

27 hours later, everything changed

Only 27 hours had passed since Madeline’s birth. Liz longed to hold her, so she wanted to get out of bed so she could hold her baby. Matt helped her, but seconds later Liz slumped to the ground and lost consciousness.

Doctors found that Liz had suffered a pulmonary embolism. They could do nothing to save her, for death overtook her too quickly.

Now it was just him and his daughter

Matt felt his world collapse in an instant. He had to stay strong, for now he had a daughter. But his feelings were mixed. How to feel happy when the love of his life was gone forever? From one moment to the next he had gone from great joy to tremendous regret.

The computer, a great ally

When she returned home to her little girl, she did her best to try not to pass her bitterness on to the little girl. He needed to vent; Then he opened his computer and found the blog that Liz had made. At first, he burst into tears, because everything reminded him of her; but he needed to do something to be better. So, he decided to write himself, as a way to do catharsis and also to share his pain with whoever was willing to listen.

Thus, his computer became a great ally. For not only did writing help him to drown his sorrows, but his stories as a single father became so famous that he decided to write a book. ” Two Kisses for Maddy ” was the title this brave father chose to narrate his memories as a single father. By honoring the memory of Liz, anguish gave way to comfort.

Today, Matt enjoys life to the fullest with his little daughter who is now 9 years old and is dedicated to writing about fatherhood and parenting, to give encouragement to parents who are going through their situation and to be encouraged by her story. and strength. In an interview with the Star Tribune, Matt said that her mother’s story has been a part of the girl’s life from the beginning, and that she has met her mother through photos, stories and everyday objects. She has been flying alone. She is flourishing in a way I couldn’t imagine when she was born, ”said Matt.

What is pulmonary embolism?

According to the OnMeda site, a pulmonary embolism during pregnancy or the puerperium is one of the most frequent causes of death in this phase. This can occur in the immediate postpartum period, by embolization of amniotic fluid or in the following days by the production of clots that reach the lungs. It is a very serious situation that requires active and intensive treatment, according to a specialist in an article published in the newspaper El Mundo.

Can it be prevented?

Although there are risk factors associated with pulmonary embolism, such as immobilization, previous surgery, coagulation disorders, etc., in many cases it occurs without the presence of previous triggers, so its prevention is impossible.

Control during pregnancy is essential to minimize any type of risk that endangers the life of the baby and the mother.

A story of strength

The history of this family makes us realize how strong we are when we must fight for those we love. This father brought out all his bravery and courage to stay afloat for his little daughter. And he more than succeeded. Sometimes life surprises us, but we can surprise ourselves even more when we give it our revenge.

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