His Premature Babies Died At Birth, But A Year Later Life Gives Him An Incredible Surprise

The miracles of life sometimes have no rational explanation

Blake and Anabelle arrived in September 2015 to rejoice in their eagerly awaiting family. However, shortly after birth, the twins passed away. Despite the great pain her parents, Angel and Nick endured, life took an unexpected turn just a year later.

According to Mail Online, the twins would be named Blake and Anabelle. They were 22 weeks gestation in their mother’s womb when she began to go into labor. It was too early for them to be born, and Angel was very scared.

A premature arrival

The doctors told Angel that she should rest to hold the babies inside her as long as possible, so that they make the most of their time and grow up healthy. Fortunately, the babies waited a little longer and were born at the mark indicated by the doctors, who had said they should be born after 23 weeks’ gestation.

When they were born, their parents were overjoyed, as both babies were breathing, crying, and looking totally healthy. Unfortunately, in less than an hour little Blake began to decrease his vital signs and passed away. There was still hope for little Anabelle, who was in good condition. However, the baby began to have a problem in the intestine and had to undergo emergency surgery. ” Every time I put my finger, I used to grab it, and I thought it was a sign that I was strong enough to get by, ” said the mother.

Despite having put all the hopes in the salvation of Anabelle, the little girl could not achieve it and died four days after being born. The anguish and desolation that Angel and Nick felt could not find comfort, why had God given them two little angels and taken them away so quickly? They found no explanation.

Twist of fate

Human beings try to find a rational explanation for everything, and sometimes there simply aren’t. Three months after losing the twins, Angel discovered that she was pregnant again. Greater was her surprise when she learned that they were twins again: and they were also a boy and a girl again. The mixture of sensations was suffocating: on the one hand the joy, but on the other, the fear of going through the same thing again was pressing every moment.

It was really scary for the second time. The first time it was fun and exciting, but the second time everyone fell silent when they told us. Anyway, we made it to 23 weeks without a problem. It was a great relief for me because I thought we would never do it again. ”Thus, Angel went through her pregnancy with many fears but with the hope that this time everything would turn out well. So it was. The twins were born in August 2016 completely healthy and came to reach with joy those who suffered so much with the loss of their first children.

A very special tribute

As a way of honoring the couple’s first twins, Angel and Nick decided to give their new children very special names. They named the girl Ava Annabelle and the boy Mason Blake; their middle names were put in honor of their deceased brothers. Their middle names are the best way to live for Blake and Annabelle. We will make sure they are remembered, ”said the mother. She added: “They will definitely grow up knowing about my first two babies. All my love for Blake and Annabelle is living through Ava and Mason »

Angel explained that she wanted to share her story to give hope to other parents who are going through her situation. “ When my first two children passed away, all the hope I had left with them. I didn’t want to be here anymore , ”he said. “ I really hope my story helps others like me. Because you need that hope, otherwise it is difficult to continue. You have the feeling that you are being punished, but there are others like you and it becomes easier. You never forget, but it gets easier , ‘he reflected.

Rainbow Babies: Love After Loss

Perhaps you have ever heard of “rainbow” babies. It is a way of calling those babies that arrive after the mother lost a baby in pregnancy or at birth. They are said to be “rainbow” babies, as it always comes out after a storm, when the sun rises. They come to bring light to the souls of mothers devastated by the pain of loss and to give hope for life.

readShe was brain dead, the babies inside her womb were about to die when something surprising happened

It is a fairly common situation, and one that you think you will never live. However, when it happens, the world turns dark and we feel that the understanding we need is nowhere to be found. A rainbow baby tells us that it is possible to be happy again and that all the dreams of motherhood can be fulfilled. It is not about supplanting one child for another, but about giving ourselves an opportunity to love again.

The site Somos Mamás offers a series of pleasant tips on how to act if you are expecting a rainbow baby, or if you know someone in your environment who is experiencing it.

  • Forgive yourself and help other mothers to forgive themselves

  • Seek support from your family and friends

  • Avoid rushing to find a new pregnancy

  • Learn about the causes of pregnancy loss and whether it is possible to avoid the situation

  • Avoid anxiety or stress as they can damage the gestation process

  • Dare to tell your story, sharing your feelings will help you relieve your anguish

  • Visit a specialist to help you manage emotions

Time is wise. And sometimes, we shouldn’t rush things and push them. If you are looking for your rainbow baby or is soon to be born, focus on future joy and give way to a new positive attitude, which will help you feel confident and happy. And never hesitate to lean on who you love the most. And you, have you been through a similar situation?

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