Help: Social Networks, The Internet And My Cell Phone Are Stealing My Husband

The cell phone and the internet are excellent communication tools, but they can also destroy a marriage. Discover the story of a man and her addiction to social networks. Internet addicted husband? Cure it and

For José Carlos, computers were never easy to handle. But because of his work it was necessary for him to adapt to technology. And this adaptation caused a change in the family nucleus.

At first he did not understand very well all that technological world, where from a cell phone you can be connected to social networks. His oldest son explained to him how to handle all these electronic devices. At first, his wife found the way son and father were getting closer to each other, but he was far from imagining that those moments were just the beginning of a debacle in their marriage.

The first problems

First it was the cell phone calls

His responsibilities were many, so he had to be available at all times, in case there was something that needed his intervention. Also, he had to send emails with important statistics or circulars. In this way, the hours in front of the computer multiplied.

Conversations at home were left half

for messages to send. The walks, parties, meetings or any dinner were constantly interrupted by his calls. When he got up, the first thing he did was check his email.

His wife apologized, alluding to the importance of his work

But the truth was that communication was blocked within the family. The boys chose not to seek out their father to talk. It was annoying that when they wanted to express their ideas, they were interrupted by the messages that arrived at every moment.

The dimension of the problem

The fact that her husband had a vacation, however, did not change the situation. He was still connected to social networks, even becoming moody if he did not receive messages. It was then that she had to accept that something was wrong: her husband was addicted to the internet.

It was also obvious that the boys would soon adopt the same habit of being glued to electronic devices all the time, even at family meals. How could you avoid it if you did nothing to make your husband quit that addiction?

Face addiction

The first thing she did was speak directly and honestly with her husband. But he couldn’t see it the way she did. It alluded to work, and all possible excuses. But she was prepared for that answer, so she challenged him. “If now that you are on vacation you can live two days with the computer and the cell phone turned off, I will convince myself that there is no problem.” He accepted it.

After just noon the withdrawal symptoms began: I felt anxiety, anger and despair. On the second day he faced an inexplicable depression. Then he just had to accept that there really was a problem.

Six step solution

The steps to follow were decided by all together, as a family:

  1. Accept the addiction to the Internet. That had to be the first step.

  2. Set schedules. It is impossible to leave the internet completely, especially if it is a work tool, but it is possible to set hours to connect.

  3. Disconnect. Work on the computer, without being connected to any social network.

  4. Find an activity that replaces the use of social networks, especially one that includes living with the family.

  5. Set schedules also to answer the cell phone. If it is necessary to be available due to work, a selection of contacts can be made, and only answer the calls of those who will give us urgent information.

  6. Ban the use of electronic devices at meal times. Whoever falls into temptation, give him extra work at home.

At first it was very difficult for José Carlos to adapt to the new rules. However, with the passage of time, he has acquired the resistance to face his addiction. With the support of his family, but above all with his own will, he has been leaving an addiction that very few people know exists.

If you have doubts about whether your need to be connected is catching you more and more, you can take a test to find out to what extent you have an internet addiction. But most importantly, remember, is your willpower to leave that dependency behind.

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