He Sacrificed Millions Of Dollars For His Family. You Would Do It?

Learn the story of a man who stopped receiving millions of dollars in exchange for the peace of his family and who will make you want to hug yours more tightly.

I suppose you have heard, on more than one occasion, someone say: “I would sacrifice everything for my family.” Even you can be one of those people, but what exactly is it all?

Some call it globalization, other crises and others simply call it: “Normal”, but that today there are economic problems to raise a family, there are. Sure, there are a few exceptions: those of those happy people who were born among cotton wool.

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The Adam LaRoche Story

I want to tell you the story of a baseball player named Adam LaRoche, who played for the Chicago Red Sox; a team from the Major League Baseball of the United States. That is, the professional First Division of that sport.

It is not just anything, reaching professionalism in sports in the United States requires more than just luck. In that country they have a highly developed competition system, which goes hand in hand with education, when you are in the final stages of university, and you really have talent (among thousands of applicants), professional teams turn to schools to select the youth.

LaRoche, then, made it to the Major Leagues. For twelve years he dedicated himself to what he liked to do the most, playing baseball, but in addition to that, LaRoche took his son to practice.

Then came what many of us look forward to in our work: a pure golden opportunity. The Red Sox offered Adam a raise, a new contract for no more and no less than $13 million. Enough to provide for his family and two children.

Not an easy decision

But Adam LaRoche declined Chicago’s offer and withdrew from the sport. Why?

Well, it turns out that Adam, in the new contract, was asked by the team not to take his son back to practice.

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This seemed inadmissible and ridiculous to Adam, who preferred to stay away from an organization that did not agree with his concept of keeping his family together.

As if this were not enough, it was reported that LaRoche, still a professional baseball player, spent 10 days at a nightclub in Asia; with hidden cameras as part of a special operation against human trafficking.

LaRoche was questioned about this way of putting his integrity at risk, but he replied that for him the family comes first, they offered him the opportunity to help against this problem and he thought that he does not want his children to fall into the clutches of that mafia, that’s why he accepted.

And what if it was your case?

I think we can take seriously the example of this baseball player, up to what point or what is the limit in which for money we can accept something that affects our family environment?

What a good idea is it to risk our own integrity on a project that pursues a noble end?

What you think? I think that like Adam, you know someone who did something similar but without so many reflectors. Always think of giving everything for the family. But what is that all?

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