He Felt Every Night The Presence Of An Evil Spirit … Until He Discovered The Terrible Truth That Was Hiding Behind

He never imagined that what he felt was much more serious than it seemed. Recognize the symptoms and don’t let it happen to your family.

I love horror stories, scares and ghosts but my husband, on the other hand, these stories do not seem at all exciting because since someone begins to tell something, he is already looking for a logical and scientific explanation of what happens, he He always says: -There is an explanation for everything, but how they don’t like to think fast, they attribute everything to ghosts- and I think this story proves their theory.

The well-known English page Mirror, recently published the story of the writer Adam Ellis,

The Mirror, published the story that he published on his networks in which he said that he was being harassed by the ghost of a little boy called “Dear David” and the worst thing about the story is that said “ghost” wanted to kill him.

Adam continued to post on his twitter that the ghost first appeared in dreams and then transcended into the real world until he experienced paralysis while sleeping, seeing him at the foot of his bed rocking in a chair.

He even drew the boy and showed him to his friends.

Soon Adam began looking for the boy in his bedroom and checking under the bed and in the closet before he could go to sleep. But the paralysis during sleep continued.

Adam little by little became more and more involved in the story of David and began to dedicate his time to investigating deaths of children with that name and that age in his area, he even looked for children with the same initial and nothing.

An apartment on the artist’s lower floor was vacated and he was not long in moving, for a brief time he seemed to forget David and David about him until David appeared again and after a few days Adam was found dead in his apartment.

What happened?

Upon further reviewing Adam’s case it was found that:

Sleep apnea and notices of problems in brain function

The episodes of paralysis that Adam reported and that by the way, never visited the doctor find their explanation in sleep apnea, where you think you are aware, you can see your room worse it is impossible for you to scream or move, there are even patients who experience hallucinations while they lack of oxygen in your brain. The doctor and researcher at the Somerset Clinic specializing in sleep disorders says that those who suffer from sleep apnea or paralysis, can experience very clearly that something or someone suffocates or strangles them and that they cannot move to defend themselves, something truly terrifying of feel.

Another factor that can cause hallucinations is how polluted the environment of a room is

Chemicals, solvents, even very strong essences can confuse the mind. People who have survived in smoky or carbon monoxide filled environments speak of hallucinations.

If you are having nightmares, very disturbing dreams or this type of paralysis, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible and discuss your symptoms as these problems are more common than you think and can actually be fatal.

And one more thing:

Mental suggestion is real

That is why you must fill your mind with happy and positive things, surround yourself with people with good spirits and a taste for learning and living in harmony; If you notice that it is easy for you to obsess over something, someone or an idea, talking to a specialist or psychologist can help you enormously.

Our mind is powerful, what it projects it can achieve and create, what is in it can come true, therefore, watch your thoughts and let ghosts only be a story for boring nights.

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