Having Sleep Problems Doubles The Risk Of Committing Suicide

Asthma, diabetes, epilepsy and even cancer are linked to the increase in suicides.

In recent days, the well-known [Dailymail] page [http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4596726/Lack-sleep-DOUBLES-chances-committing-suicide.html) published a very interesting study on which warns that people who have had or suffered from any of the following diseases significantly increase the risk of becoming suicidal:

Head trauma

Discapnet, a source specializing in disabilities, defines a head trauma as “any physical injury or functional impairment of the cranial content”, that is, of the brain; which causes loss of consciousness, functions, suffering from amnesia and lack of neurological abilities.

These traumas can be the product of a blow with an instrument, a fall or in any other way in which the brain is damaged inside or outside.


From the outset, those who have this condition are recommended to receive therapy to understand, accept and learn to live with the syndrome. The depression and fear caused by this disease were thought to be the cause of all suicides; but today it is recognized that neurological damage is also a risk factor.

Heart problems

When we talk about this, logically we think of the heart and it is hard for us to believe that the brain also suffers indirect damage from heart problems, but it is true; the brain resents this health problem.

Back pain, sleep problems

Perhaps sleep problems are the biggest problem of brain degeneration because everyone, at some point, can suffer from insomnia or sleep problems. Nothing consumes the brain faster than not getting enough sleep.

Epilepsy, hypertension, migraine, Parkinson’s disease

Previously it was thought that suicide was caused by emotional or psychological problems, that people reached suicide because they could not face the challenges of life, but the latest studies confirm that suicide can also have its origin in various diseases, for true, all very common.

High-risk agents who have these diseases

A very interesting fact that this study mentions is that all these diseases and conditions directly or indirectly attack the brain and the central nervous system, causing their degeneration and, therefore, making patients high-risk agents.

So that you can imagine the scale of the problem, consider that every time you have not slept well for long periods of time, insomnia and all the related problems cause the brain to “eat itself.”

Brain cells destroy themselves

Michael Bellesi, a member of the group of researchers from the Polytechnic University of La Merche, Italy, determined that the cells of our brain destroy themselves, including the connections that they have formed every time normal periods of sleep are altered.

These researchers realized that many of the suicides visited the doctor for any of the aforementioned conditions, that they never presented a profile of mental problems or emotional vulnerability and that, therefore, their suicide aroused interest in knowing what had happened to take them to commit that act, finding that the diseases had had an effect on the degeneration of the brain and its functions.

What can we do in case of suffering from any of these diseases?

If you or a family member has suffered or currently suffers from sleep problems or any disease mentioned above, you should have suicide preventive care.

Eating on time, exercising, visiting the doctor and taking care of our mental health are habits that make the difference to have a good quality of life. Do not leave them in oblivion, because they are your priority.

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