Having A Happy Marriage Is Simple If You Tell Your Partner Everything

God, love, respect and understanding are fundamental foundations for marriage. Nothing is difficult, less life as a couple. Loving our partner is fundamental to our relationship. Having a happy marriage is simple if you tell her everything

Although I have not been married for long, barely five years and six months, I dare say that I have a consolidated marriage, which is based on God, love, respect and understanding. Having a happy marriage is simple if you tell your partner everything.

My husband and I met when we were 17 years old, and we got married at 22: during those five years we were able to know a lot about each other, but, as they usually say, one thing is in love and another is married. And it is unfortunate that today that phrase is used to try to discourage or scare those who have decided to join their lives. Well, I affirm that they are totally wrong, because if in love it is beautiful, when married it is beautiful: marriage is ordained by God, a step that we must fulfill within our personal growth. A solid marriage is based, among other things, on trust and mutual respect, on talking about everything that happens to us, no matter how small it may seem.

From our courtship we used to tell each other everything; At that time, our day to day at school and university, now we talk about everything we do or what happens to us at work or at home, when one of us is absent. We both know exactly what the other does, what the other feels, and even what one thinks the other knows; It is a mutual knowledge product of caring for each other, forgetting our own interests to focus and attend to what concerns our partner.

Another thing that we never stop doing is expressing our love even through small gestures, a word, an action or simple things that make every day we can increase the love that unites us. I remember one occasion when, sitting in the university library, each one, with only a pencil and a paper, decided to do something for the other: I am not an expert draftsman, but mine was better than his, but The important thing here is that with any instrument, anywhere, we can express love. Own lesson that can be applied to anyone.

We are people with different tastes and customs, but these have never influenced our relationship, because in our married life there is no room for “I am like this, and I will not change.” Sometimes we have or do things that are not to the liking of the other, but we have the possibility of changing them for that love that we profess and promise each other until eternity. No marriage is perfect, there are moments of disagreement, but that is when you should speak calmly, with love; that’s when we must put our pride aside.

Having a happy marriage is not difficult, it is something very simple

It just takes love, understanding, trust, a lot of conversation and, above all this, to have God with us. Let us forget our own interest and put our partner’s interest first, which is who we owe ourselves to.

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