Have Thanksgiving Once A Week!

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Latin America, however, this holiday can be applied once a week to give thanks for the goods received and to celebrate family love.

Thanksgiving Day is approaching, a celebration that is not celebrated in Latin America but that in Canada and the United States marks the beginning of the Christmas season. However, I would like to go beyond the meaning of this season and bring the spirit of this holiday into everyday life.

Small historical review

Thanksgiving Day was born as a celebration of a religious nature, which with the passage of time became secular. It has its origins in European and aboriginal traditions that were mixed at the time of the conquest of America, despite this, the celebrations in its roots were very similar: while the American aborigines celebrated the end of the harvest, the Europeans celebrated reaching the American land, peace and good harvest.

The date of the celebration differs from country to country, in Canada, for example, it is celebrated on the second Monday in October and in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November. Perhaps what you did not know is that in countries like India, China, Malaysia and Korea, this celebration is also present.

What should interest us

Having given a few historical data about this celebration, I would like to delve a little into how we could implement, in our own way, that important action that is to give thanks for everything achieved in a year of great effort.

Family celebration

Thanksgiving is, in fact, a family holiday. The perfect excuse to meet with relatives who have not seen each other for a long time, or with friends closest to us. A moment to thank together for everything received. Even to show humility. But why leave it alone for a date?

Many young people usually meet their friends one night a week to have a good time and they see no problem or find no excuses to carry out this activity. Likewise, one meeting a week should be a family custom with the sole purpose of being close to ours and giving thanks for the blessings received daily.

Benefits of being thankful

Showing gratitude can always bring great benefits to your life, including:

  • You are more aware of how lucky you are to be able to enjoy each and every thing that you own.

  • You learn to stop grumbling or denying what you don’t have, or the problems of daily living

  • You can appreciate the smallest that life gives you.

  • You see life full of opportunities to move forward, despite the difficulties that day to day offers.

  • Raising your children becomes a pleasant challenge, because every little grace of your children is perceived as the greatest miracle of life.

  • You convey a good mood to your children and they will grow up in a happy environment.

  • You create a pleasant environment around you, full of positivity, making your daily life more harmonious and happy.

  • You will take a disinterested interest in your neighbor.

  • Your children learn by your example to be grateful, happy and positive.

The question then is: why set aside a single day to give thanks for each blessing received, when you can receive the benefits of being with your family and being aware of the wonders of creation, on a daily basis? For example: Have you ever thought that when you show gratitude to your husband, you receive more than you give ?

Today’s world needs you to be able to give from what you receive, from the good things that happen to you, in order to change the adverse reality that sometimes surrounds us a bit. You may not change the world, but at least you will make your world, as well as that of your loved ones, more placid and happy.

So let’s have Thanksgiving at least once a week!

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