Habits That Threaten To Destroy Your Family

There are different types of habits, but some can destroy those you love the most, do you know what they are?

Since we were little we have learned about the importance of habits, however, few people have stopped to teach us that, in the same way, we can create negative habits that can destroy even what we love the most: our family.

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And I must point out that there are many people who take, even years, to realize that certain “customs” are the cause of serious family problems, revealing that the ties that unite them are totally contaminated and damaged. And as a popular saying goes “safe is better than sorry”, that is why I have prepared a small list of some attitudes that over time can become harmful habits for our families:

The screams

No one can deny that a good shout can even save a life, for the same reason they should be allowed only in emergency situations, but unfortunately within many families they are a daily tonic.


Nobody likes to be corrected in front of others, much less to be disqualified in front of all the members of the family. For the same reason, if you have to correct someone’s attitude, never do it in front of everyone, always find a place to be able to converse in a calm, slow way and always use empathy, how would you feel if the same happened to you? Don’t let a mistake be a tabletop topic, much less in front of strangers.

The tags

We all have strengths and weaknesses, no one is perfect. But neither does anyone have the right to use labels to refer to the other. You should always avoid using qualifiers such as “lazy”, “liar”, “dirty”, as our subconscious begins to believe that it is totally true and assimilates it as such, directly affecting self-esteem.

Little or no communication

Speaking little, generating few opportunities to meet at the family level, not being interested in the plans or aspirations of the other, begin to generate a loss of family relationships and therefore, to destroy what they began with so much love.

Constant discussions

If even the simplest decision generates a fuss within the family, it is time to put a brake on it. Especially if it is about couple discussions in front of the children, since they must always see that the parents are a team and not enemies seeking to beat the other to generate personal satisfaction.

Wrong priorities

If when having to choose between planning an activity with the family or one where you will spend time alone, the second option always wins, it is time to put your senses on alert. Well, we all need moments where we can relax and disconnect, but if being alone has become a habitual attitude, it is time to start questioning the reasons for this situation.

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If you feel that some of these attitudes have entered your home or that some of them are already another member of your family life, it is time to start looking for different alternatives to completely eradicate this type of behavior before it is too late.

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