Gratitude Nurtures Love. Ideas To Show More Gratitude To Your Wife

You do not have to understand women, you have to love them, says a popular saying. But do you know how to do it?

I have heard many times that you do not have to understand women, you have to love them. And perhaps the men are right, because our language is very different from theirs. For some strange reason, what we say is exactly what we don’t want. Many times I have found myself saying “Yes, do what you want”, when in fact all I wish is that they do NOT do it.

I do not know if it is true what the title of John Gray’s book “Men are from Mars and women from Venus” preaches , the truth is that I write this article as a way to bring both planets closer together, by sharing some expressions of gratitude that women really love.

Little unexpected details

It is not necessary that they send us a bouquet of flowers, sometimes it is only enough that they arrive with a flower plucked from the road, so that they fix our day and we know that in one way or another, they were thinking of us.

Facts are loves

Today, men and women work the same amount of hours, however, for different reasons it is we, women, who take care of almost everything at home. That is why we are so grateful that from time to time it is our partner who is in charge of doing some chores around the house such as washing, folding clothes, cooking, etc.

Recognition in front of friends and family

For various reasons, many men, being alone with their friends, minimize relationships, highlighting defects or problems. But you should know that women love to be recognized and say how important we are in their lives.

Unconditional support

There is nothing better than feeling that despite the multiple risk factors or mistakes that we have made, there is someone unconditionally by our side. Therefore, if your partner sets a new goal for you, it is best to talk and let her know that, regardless of the result she obtains, she will always have your love and company.

Respect for spaces

Having time for ourselves, respecting our spaces and having the possibility of doing activities with a group of friends without someone calling on the phone or sending text messages, is a delight for us.

I hope these tips serve to gradually bring those planets that are so different, but deep down, like yin and yang, complement each other, seeking balance and continuous transformation.

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