Glossophobia Is More Common Than You Think. Do You Suffer From It? It Is Very Dangerous

Many people believe that it is an incurable disease so they prefer to live with it until their old age. Do you dare to take it off?

A few days ago I organized a debate in my class, at first it always takes a bit of work for my students to participate, but once they are encouraged, most of them want to participate. However, this time things were not like that, one of my students not only refused to participate, but every time I proposed to do so, his forehead and hands sweated and he rubbed them with great anxiety. I no longer wanted to insist.

Some of the most frequent reasons why they do not dare is due to ignorance of the subject they have to deal with, fear of teasing, fear of making a mistake, being the center of attention, not being properly dressed, etc. This feeling is normal up to a point, but when learners feel more confident among their peers, the fear disappears.

As a teacher, you have the obligation to motivate them to participate in class so that they learn to order their ideas mentally and remove that fear of speaking in front of people.

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However, there are people who find it difficult to pronounce even their name, this terror of public speaking is called glossophobia, which is not an exclusive condition of adolescents, it can also continue as an adult.

1) Yoga exercises

Yoga practice can be a good option to relax your body and lower your anxiety state. This skill is not very easy to perform, much less to achieve the desired results, so it requires you to be very persistent. So that it can help you as you wish, it is necessary that you first feel comfortable where you go, if you don’t feel that way, keep looking until you find the ideal place. And then, discuss with your instructor what you need to control so that she looks for activities that you can do at home that will help you accelerate the results.

2) Talk to yourself in a mirror

One of the things that always works is standing in front of a mirror and talking to yourself. Introduce yourself: hello, good afternoon, I’m so-and-so, I’m so old, my greatest virtues are these and it’s hard for me to speak in public so I need to practice in front of a mirror to lose my fear of what people might see of me, like I stand up, move my hands, my eyes, etc. Do this exercise even once a day and little by little try to speak for a longer time always looking into your eyes. This exercise is very effective, try it!

3) Talk to people

Try to talk to people around you who usually never engage in conversation, they can be your neighbors or colleagues. It is not necessary to prepare a specific topic, you can talk to her about simple things such as the weather (what a strange weather, it rains a little, it is cold, hot or airy), her clothing (what beautiful shoes you have ). Then try doing it with people on the street who go with you on public transport, or with that person that you meet in a bookstore, buying food, etc. Do not be afraid of what they may say to you, be careful not to make comments that can be misinterpreted, just dare!

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Glossophobia is more common than you might imagine, in fact there are people who never get over it for fear of never being able to get over it. Remember that this is a condition that you adopt yourself, you are not born with it.

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