Give Your Children A Monthly Allowance, Yes Or No?

How good is it to give kids money to manage it personally? When should they start? Is it a positive thing?

Giving money to children is usually a common habit. In some cases, reasonably necessary. In others, a questionable fact.

What is the reason for giving money to children?

In many cases, parents give money to children for their daily and everyday needs. Such can be breakfast or lunch at school. It can be transportation to your daily activities. Perhaps they themselves already manage necessities such as clothing, hygiene, fun. The amount of money, and the frequency, will largely depend on the life experience of the parents, as well as their financial capacity.

When they are given from lack

Many parents report that when they were young their parents did not give them money, either because they did not have the ability, or because they did not have the will to share the money with them. They tend to say that they give their children money because they do not want them to lack anything as they suffered deficiencies.

Other parents make money in abundance, and they have no qualms about giving unlimitedly to their children, since they have no worries about it.

In both cases, the children are given money from personal deprivation. In the first, to solve your own story. In the second, of time to attend them.

There are other types of parents, who do it from guilt, especially when they are always absent, even to work to support them. They think that with money they can compensate for their absence, the time of attention they need.

It is not looking at the need of the children, but they start from a personal lack. And in neither case is giving them money the solution.

Children they need much more than a monthly amount of money.

What is the harm that children can receive?

When children are not given money by looking at their needs, neither will they be taught to earn it, manage it, value it. They also miss out on a beautiful experience that is also indispensable in human life: that of striving to earn it, and feeling that wonderful achievement of reaching an economic goal.

They miss out on forging the will to, through an activity, be able to generate money. They miss out on being grateful for what they receive. To be able to understand the great effort involved in giving their parents what they are given. They are important values.

What is the teaching that can be given to children?

When giving money to children, it is essential to consider several factors. Age, personal needs, activities. And it’s not just about giving them an amount. It is also important to teach them to manage it. Even to earn it, perhaps with activities in favor of the home, such as washing a car, or the carpets, painting a wall in the house, or doing the garden. They are activities that children can symbolically carry out in order to feel that they are making an effort to earn money, and to initiate this awareness of being able to generate with energy a fruit that they enjoy later.

They can also be taught that the value is not in the bill itself, but that this is an intermediary between the energy that emanates from giving, to be able to take something for themselves. In order to understand the wonderful mystery of nature, where everything is perfectly balanced, and everything that is taken, it is important to give it back.

Be attentive to your needs

Being a parent and giving your children a monthly payment must imply observing what amount is relevant. Being able to have a constant dialogue about the destination of your expenses. If what they bought they really needed; how they can make more money; what they want to buy, even if they don’t need it and for what, what it means to have money and how to deal wisely with it. It is even talking about how much money their parents give their friends, and what happens to them with those differences, how they live them.

Seeing what they need is being able to give them time to talk about all that. Time to live together, to look at each other. Sometimes buying, having, becomes the terrible substitute for the presence of parents.


Giving your children an allowance is a positive thing, as long as it is accompanied by a accompaniment and guide parental.

It must be clear with what objective they are given, and what needs it intends to cover. And that there is room so that, for other items, they can have a specific activity to earn it.

Training towards valuing and thanking what they receive, where they can understand that it is also important to give, looking at the needs of the children, both to cover some personal expenses, but above all, to learn how to grow in the economy. Teaching children to prioritize.

It becomes inevitable to make decisions according to a family economic reality, that no one ends up paying a very high price, such as health, in order to cover these expenses.

Teach your children about the positive value of money, joining the whole family in a learning to enjoy life.

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