Give Thanks Even In The Midst Of Difficulties And Blessings Will Come Into Your Life

There are always reasons to thank and bless. For me, the mere fact that water runs from the sink faucet is a miracle for which I am grateful, because I know that not all human beings are so lucky.

Every morning, when I open my eyes, the first thing I say is “Thank you, dear God, for this new day, for every opportunity that will come into my life today.” I always thank God for everything, for the opportunity to sleep in a comfortable bed, for the warm water that comes out of my shower, for the food and even for the moments of sadness, loneliness and adversity.

Something that I am deeply grateful to my mother is that she taught me never to curse a situation, no matter how difficult it was. Over time I understood how right I was. By blessing a circumstance, however difficult it may seem, it is as if magically opening the way to a solution.

In the Holy Scriptures we find the story of Job, a blameless man, separated from evil, who deeply loved God. Job was the richest man in the region. The biblical story tells that Satan challenged Heavenly Father, arguing that Job was God’s servant, thanks to the fact that he had always been blessed with wealth and health. God allowed evil to knock on Job’s door to prove that despite adversity Job was faithful to him.

One day four messengers came to Job to bring bad news: his workers were robbed, all were killed, and the animals were stolen. His shepherds, along with the flock of sheep, were also scorched by lightning. His camels and servants were killed by Chaldean looters and, finally, while his children were feasting at the older brother’s house, they were surprised by strong winds that wiped out everything even with the lives of their children.

At the news, he quotes the Bible verbatim in Job 1:20: “Job got up and tore his garment in pain; then he shaved his head and fell on the ground to worship and said: Naked I came out of my mother’s womb and naked I will be when I go. The Lord gave me what I had and the Lord has taken it from me. Praise the name of the Lord!

The story of Job continues in the Scriptures and there towards the end of the book you will find the restoration that Heavenly Father gives to this man for his love and faithfulness despite misfortune. Always bless and give thanks no matter how difficult the circumstances are. No matter what situation ails you at this moment, just bless and thank the creator for everything you live.

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Thanks at all times

It is easy to thank God for the good and wonderful things that happen to you, but for the illness or pain of your children, your loved ones or yourself, it is difficult to be grateful. However, when giving thanks we do not do it for the evil that afflicts our loved one, we do it for what that situation teaches us: each pain brings with it a learning and that is what we should be grateful for. Sometimes we need to learn lessons that we would not otherwise learn and although it seems to be meaningless, pain, sadness, loneliness, adversity mold us, make us better human beings, when we know how to receive that learning with patience and faith.

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Bless this way

When you bless never bless evil. For example, one of your loved ones is ill, you do not bless his illness, you must bless your loved one and the part of his body that is ill.

There are always reasons to thank and bless. For me everything is a privilege, the mere fact that water runs through the sink tap is a miracle for which I am grateful, because I know that not all human beings are so lucky, and although I would like everyone to be blessed, unfortunately it is not like this and that leads me to value more every day what I have. Thank God every day for the lives of your children, your husband, your wife, bless them always and at all times and the good will come multiplied to their lives and yours.

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