From Marketing Does Not Come The Celebration Of Mother’s Day; The Real Reason Moms Are Celebrated All Over The World

Do you know the truth behind the celebration of Mother’s Day? Do you know why we celebrate mom? I invite you to find out, because marketing insurance does not come from this party.

I recognize that I am a very curious person and a fan of books, so I am always interested in knowing the origin of things. A few days ago I heard someone say that Mother’s Day was nothing more than a marketing invention (an area that interests me given my “almost profession”, I am a few months away from graduating). So I began to look for the origin of this celebration and my surprise was great to find that it is a festival inherited from ancient Greece and not the result of a marketing campaign, as many believe.

The first celebrations of Mother’s Day date back to the celebration that the Greeks made to honor Rea, the mother of the gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Later, the Romans inherited it and called it Hiliaria, which they celebrated on March 15 in the temple of Cibeles, where they made different types of offerings for three days.

However, it was not until much later, in 1870, that the American poet and activist Julia Ward Howe, an advocate for women’s rights, wrote the Mothers Day Proclamation, a call for peace and peace. disarm. In this document, she makes a passionate call to all mothers not to allow their children to go to war to kill the values ​​and principles that they, with dedication and love, had given them, making them see that blood does not clean dishonor and that, therefore, the war was not the solution to the problems that the different countries might present. At the end of the text, she asks to form a women’s congress, where this type of ideas could be promoted.

In 1873, American women reacted and managed to hold a Mother’s Day gathering in 18 cities. Later, in Boston it continued to be celebrated and, over the years, other states and celebrations were added; However, the strong spirit with which this proclamation had started faded and the spirits of the women who participated faded. But Howe’s struggle continued, not only for the recognition of Mother’s Day, but also for the call for peace and the defense of the different rights that women have today. Sadly, Howe did not witness the fruits of his struggle, as he passed away four years before Mother’s Day was formally established.

In 1907 Ana Jervis organized Mother’s Day as a posthumous tribute to the one who gave her life. There began a strong campaign for the United States, with the result that seven years later, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day the second Sunday of May in the United States. From that moment on, the celebration was adopted by different countries until it became what we all know today.

After this historical clarification, I felt deeply grateful for the brave women who fought fervently for their ideals, for delivering values ​​and principles of peace and harmony to their children; who laid the foundations so that today the whole world can pay a small tribute to all those women who give their entire lives in exchange for a “I love you, mom”, and consider themselves well paid and satisfied with such beautiful work.

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