Find Out Why: “from A Spoiled Child, Anyone Is His Father”

If you don’t want your children to be corrected by strangers, empower yourself with the situation. Raise your children well and prepare for a happy family.

Not long ago, I read a note that left me thinking. The background of the article touched on a quite serious problem: the type of parenting in vogue today, in many countries of the world. A lady in her early fifties owns a restaurant. One morning hungry diners came to enjoy a rich breakfast.

Soon after, a young couple arrived with their two-year-old daughter. They ordered an order of hot cakes (pancakes) and, even when they were served promptly, they had to wait like everyone else. Meanwhile their daughter began to cry, first in a rational way but in a short time it turned into screaming and tantrums. Later, the owner of the place said that on four occasions she called the attention of the child’s parents to silence her, but they did not pay attention. Not only did they do nothing to silence her, they continued as if nothing was happening.

When the pancakes arrived, the owner asked them to take their order and leave the premises. But they ignored the request and kept talking, as if nothing was happening, while the girl continued crying and screaming without any control. They just stood there, as if it were something most common and bearable for them — and it may be that way. But the people who were around began to feel uncomfortable, let alone the owner of the restaurant.

After what the owner considered that it had been an hour of tears and screams on the part of the girl, she could not take it anymore. He leaned behind the service bar or counter and, hitting it, yelled at the girl: “This can’t go on!” While pointing at her with his index finger. Then the little girl finally fell silent. Of course, the parents reacted and claimed that he had yelled at the girl, to which the owner of the premises replied: “Yes, that’s right. I yelled at her and she fell silent.

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The history behind the history

What I want you to see is not the attitude of the enraged woman who, tired of the crying of a poorly raised child, despairs and ends up doing what the parents seem to have never done: CORRECT HER. Rather, you appreciate the value of educating your children at home so that people other than you or your partner do not end up doing what is your responsibility: EDUCATE, GUIDE and CORRECT children who are not only tolerant of frustration, but also They know how to respect the limits, rules and the space of others and not that they grow like animals, without any kind of guidance and guidance, which will be for their own well-being.

Quite contrary to what one might think, the owner of the premises received support from many people who on the restaurant’s social page saw the complaint of parents enraged by the scream given by the woman to the minor. I do not praise the attitude of the woman: perhaps she could have done otherwise. But I don’t support the girl’s parents either. Imagine, if that is the attitude of this two-year-old girl, the truth is that I don’t even want to imagine what will become of her when she is fifteen or older.

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To extreme evils, radical measures

Today more than ever it is urgent that you achieve empowerment of your work as a father or mother. I know closely cases where children have beaten their parents, and other more extreme where self-sacrificing parents to the point of folly have been killed by capricious children who little or nothing were corrected in time for a serious offense.

It’s not about hitting or yelling at them, it’s about nipping bad behaviors in the bud with a firm attitude on your part. Remember that in your relationship with your children, you are the adult, so you have the power, the right and the obligation to correct them.

Talk to your little one alone, never call him out in public and make him understand that his attitude is not correct and that if he continues like this, he will have consequences for his actions. You will know how to correct your little one much better than me, but never forget that: «Of a spoiled child, anyone is his father».

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