Find Out What Kind Of Lover You Are

Discovering how our partner perceives us in love can help us to recognize our strengths to exploit them and our weaknesses to improve them.

As women we have the fortune and responsibility to play different roles throughout our lives: mothers, friends, sisters, workers, daughters, professionals and wives, and it is in this last role that we have the opportunity to express ourselves and fully enjoy the characteristics of our gender.

When a woman enjoys and is happy according to her condition, everything works well around her. Sharing our intimacy and all feminine expression with a partner not only gives us fulfillment, it also strengthens the relationship and brings us closer to becoming one flesh.

What are the characteristics of your way of loving? Don’t you know them? Let’s discover them !:

The sure of herself

There are women who in a show of security think that having married the man they consider the love of their life they have it more than safe, guaranteed that he will love them and that he will be eternally in love with them. Nothing more false than this! Don’t build a castle on this foundation.

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Love and passion are daily and frequent conquests and it is the work of two, but women can give “a little help” to our partner with attitudes and gestures that keep the flame of love burning and caring, with perseverance and dedication, that they do not turn off.

Loving and romantic

This type of woman is one of the most liked and sought after by men. We all like to be pampered and pampered! A loving woman will always be a great comfort to her husband.

Just be careful not to be overly affectionate, to the point of being cloying and bored to your partner. Men like affection, but they also love their space and freedom.

Aggressive and dominant

Gender breaks in tastes, says the phrase, and it is true: there are men who feel a special liking for this type of women who take the lead in decision-making, have initiative and there is no one to stop them.

Just take care not to humiliate, subdue or take responsibilities that do not correspond to you. Dialogue can do everything.

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The organized

This woman is the one who schedules and schedules even love! Nothing is wrong! Be careful not to be so organized that you make love a mandatory line and then lose spontaneity, to the extent that you and your husband see it as an obligation to be with your partner and that you are not moved by a sincere dedication.

The fun

Men undoubtedly like women who are fun and cheerful. It is very nice to have a person around who makes life more bearable and pleasant. Except when seriousness, concentration and formality are required. If you achieve balance with this, your relationship will be fantastic and there will be sparks of happiness!

The ideal

Believe it or not, if your partner chose you it is because he likes you just the way you are, the way you are and the way you are. Do not pretend to be someone else for him, you are the ideal woman and your job only consists of being the best version of yourself for his joy and your satisfaction.

Do not seek to please many but to make him happy, the man of your life.

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