Find Out How To Prevent Your Child From Gaining Weight While Playing

3 fun games that will help your child burn calories and avoid being overweight.

Currently, many children are overweight around the world, data published in the WHO (World Health Organization), is alarming, since the trend of preschool-age children suffering from obesity and overweight will increase by 70 million by the year. 2025. It is even made reference that without parental intervention, young children will remain obese during childhood, adolescence and adulthood.
The problem is that obesity and being overweight are linked to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, musculoskeletal disorders (arthritis), cancer, or disability. For this reason, parents must pay close attention to prevent children from suffering the consequences, since parents are the ones who teach their children good or bad eating habits from childhood.

Research published in Science Daily showed that when parents positively interact with their children during play and gently guide them to clean up afterward, little ones tended to have lower body mass indexes. Cynthia Stifter, professor of human development and psychology, Penn State, said that when parents help their children develop skills during play, they are helping their child reach a healthy weight.
Parents must teach self-regulation.

When talking about self – regulation, it refers to a person learning to control their thoughts, actions, emotions and motivation, to achieve a goal. For example: if parents teach their little ones to control their emotions (positive and negative), it will influence the child to avoid eating sweets when angry.

How the study was conducted

108 mothers participated with their 18-month-old babies, the children were weighed and participated in tasks designed to measure their temperament and abilities. The mothers played with their children for 5 minutes, then they were told that it was time to clean up. The researchers analyzed how responsive the mothers were during free play and measured how often the mother guided the child during cleaning.


When mothers let their children play freely and show gentle control during cleaning, the children will not become overweight. If the mother participates in games and is strict when cleaning, children are more likely to have obesity and overweight problems.

What can parents do?

Parents should teach their children about self-regulation, for example: waiting to eat or eating a less desirable food, complying when a role is delegated, setting limits on hours of rest or entertainment (watching TV or playing video game). Let them play freely and be less strict when tidying up a room.

Lessons for parents

Diet plays an important role in avoiding overweight, so parents are encouraged to teach their children to eat healthy, as well as serve reasonable-sized portions and drink plain water. In addition to this, it is important to exercise the body, so the ideal way to help children is by playing.

What games are recommended?

  • 1. Dancing

Most children love to dance and more when they do it as a family, according to what was published in El Diario, the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood of the United States, affirms that dancing different styles of muisca such as: salsa, merengue, tango or cumbia, you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour. It even encourages the growth of new neurons and activates memorization with the steps.

  • 2. Walk the dog

Having a dog at home is ideal to increase physical exercise, taking it for a walk for at least 15 minutes a day, will burn up to 140 calories, according to experts. Remember that if you run with your pet you will increase exercise and for obvious reasons you will burn more . Have fun with your children and your pet, it is a recommended game to avoid being overweight.

  • 3. Riding a bike

Riding a bicycle is a fun activity and game for many children, with 15 minutes a day you can burn calories. If an adult weighing 70 kg on average manages to burn 120 to 150 kcal, imagine what he will do with your child.

It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children to learn good habits such as eating and exercise, thus preventing their children from becoming overweight or obese and consequently have serious health problems. Play games and teach healthy eating.

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