Father Fulfills The Heartbreaking Last Wish Of His 7-year-old Son Who Loses His Battle Against Cancer

“I want my mother to take care of me when I am gone”; her father, who lost her wife to cancer, does the unthinkable so that her little angel can rest with mother.

His last wish was to be with Mom so that she would take care of him forever

Little Filip Kwansy from Poland made the most touching wish before losing his battle with cancer; he asked to be buried in the same coffin in which his mother’s body has rested for some time.

The boy’s request was accompanied by his promise that he would “take care of his father from heaven.”

He finally lost his battle with cancer in a London hospital

As reported by the Metro, Filip died in London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital where he was only receiving the necessary care so that he does not feel pain, but the treatments had already been discontinued.

According to The Sun, his father Piotr Kansy opened an account to receive donations to cover the costs of his son’s transfer to Poland where his remains will rest.

Your diagnosis

Filip had been diagnosed with Juvenile Leukemia, which consists of the accumulation of abnormal cells in the spinal cord, since his diagnosis, the little boy had found himself ‘living’ in the hospital for months while fighting for his life.

Your heartbreaking wish

Due to his weakness, he could hardly speak anymore, but with his last strength, he told his father that he had been his angel on Earth, and continued:

«I want them to bury me next to my mother so that she can take care of me»

His father explains that he does not know how much he remembered about his mother, since he lost her when he was very young, but that he does remember going to the cemetery to visit her and talk to her at her grave.

In the midst of his immense pain, his father says that he “never imagined that he would have to bury his own son.”

His mother, Agniezca, died when she was only 33 years old also as a victim of sarcoma. Filip was only 2 years old when his mother had to leave him, and he wanted to return to his mother’s arms.

In the hospital I was in, there is a bell on the door of each room that they ring 3 times when the treatments are over, and the children can go home. Her father said, “My son never heard those chimes.”

The family asked for donations to make it possible for the little one to fulfill his last wish

Donations rained down and as reported by the Daily Mail, the money arrived and his little one could be buried in the same coffin as his mother, a feeling that gave Filip peace before leaving this world.

Now they rest together, without pain, in a better place, where physical pain and the continuous battle to survive is no longer necessary.

Together forever…

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