Father And Son, The Best Team

The story of the Maldini, father and son footballers who achieved great triumphs in the sport of their love.

Throughout life, human beings enter into various types of relationships. In extraordinary moments, they can be lived as unique societies, authentic teams that function as a unit. The importance of teamwork lies in the fact that man in general learns that he does not have all the reason, all the power, or all the knowledge to do something. Sharing experiences, triumphs, and defeats is a very important part of establishing that kind of partnership.

So, how many experiences have you had with friends, brothers or uncles? Have you shared and supported sports, work or home activities? If you have done it on at least one occasion, you will agree with me that it is a pleasant experience, but sharing all this with a child, what a dream! It is a luxury.

There are many ways to interpret life and the world. In some of them a son is seen, sternly, as an extension of oneself: “what could never be”; you think something like: “I will fulfill my truncated dreams in my son” (note: “in” my son, not “with” my son).

Projects of this type are undoubtedly doomed to failure, since they do not respect the individuality of our offspring. Of course, a child is part of one, it is blood, feelings, own energy. But the wonder of this reality is letting all of that become, in the son, its own story.

In this way, teaming up with a child becomes a task that is sometimes unattainable for many, since, rather than looking for support in the young person, it is rather seeking to impose ideas or own concepts, which are often already vitiated by another kind of human aspirations.

We look back at sport as a manager of possible stories, ideas that can be fulfilled as long as one wants to do so. In this way we come across the fabulous history of the Maldini.

Cesare and Paolo, father and son united by a passion: soccer. The first, born in 1932, made his debut at the age of 20 with Triestina, so that in 1954, he joined the team of his loves: AC Milan, a club with which he played until 1966, to finally retire with Torino, in 1967.

Already as a coach, Cesare Maldini managed Foggia, Ternana, Parma, the Italian team and AC Milan (later he coached the Paraguayan team).

Paolo Maldini, “Il Capitano” (The Captain) was born in 1968, in Milan, a team with which he played from 1984 to 2009; He registered more than 900 official matches with that shirt: the most in all history.

In addition to living with football since he was born, Paolo had a father, a friend and a coach in Cesare. During the two years he managed Italy and the year with Milan, Paolo received instructions from his father, but now as a professional, what made the company more difficult: removing the stigma of being a “coach’s son” was something that Maldini’s talent could quickly overshadow.

With the Milan shirt, Cesare and Paolo have been the only father and son couple to win a European Cup: both were captains of their respective teams, Cesare in 1963 and Paolo in 1989, 1990, 1994, 2003 and 2007. Of course , wearing the Milan jacket, both playing as defenders of this team.

The Maldini surname is sacred to Italian football, and the best gift for a father who decided to dedicate himself to kicking a ball, a game that his son perfected years later. And you know what? 17-year-old Christian Maldini, son of Paolo and grandson of Cesare, already trains, playing as a defender, yes, you guessed it! In the AC Milan team.

Talk to your children, maybe they are more eager than you to start a fantastic adventure together. Remember: it is not about “being” through them what you could not be, but about teaching, supporting them and building together a dream that they can share, a legacy that will be passed on for generations.

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