Family Constellations: Myths And Realities

What is mysterious about this practice? Is it true that witchcraft is used to access the solution? Our expert explains it.

Much has been said about family constellations; Among what is rumored is that it is from the devil, that the dead and spirits are invoked, and that witchcraft is done. Many people condemn them, and classify them as dangerous. Many others resort to this approach since they have positive effects on those who recommend them.

This is a brief account of where these ideas come from, and what the real work of family constellations is.

How the constellations are worked

To start, it is important to understand the ways of working the constellations from which these ideas began.

The constellations emerged as a group work. The assistants represent the members of the family system of the person who puts their work topic (problem). In it they see more clearly what is the family dynamics from which the patient cannot advance in his life. However, they are not only worked in groups, but also individually with other figures or ways of looking at the problem.

The rumors that emerge

1 Summon dead and spirits:

This rumor occurred because in some cases the implication of the patient’s problem has to do with a deep love for a family member who has passed away. In this case, one of the assistants can collaborate in representing this deceased relative. See how your heart is trapped there, and be able to work on it in order to move forward.

2 Witchcraft:

In some works, possible events that could happen if family entanglements are not modified are discussed. When they have been fulfilled, they usually say that witchcraft was done. However, this is not so. Family constellations are a systemic job. Any system can be predicted if it continues to feed in the same way that it has been behaving.

For example, if we continue to contaminate and abuse the ecosystem, we can predict that there will be natural disasters as they have been occurring. This is not witchcraft, but it has been pro-feeding the system, that is, predicting what will happen if it continues to behave in the same way.

3 The representatives:

Another of the elements for which it is said that there is witchcraft is because the representatives usually feel things that are alien to themselves, and that concern the family system of whoever puts the theme. This has a theoretical explanation in Rupert Sheldrake’s morphic fields. This biologist investigates about the information fields that we inherit.

Just like the monarch butterflies, which despite being born in another place, know where to migrate without ever having gone, and without any previous butterfly guiding them; their life is so short that they cannot do it. These information fields are what tell the butterflies where to go. These fields are the same as those accessed in family constellation work.

The real work of the constellations

Family constellations have two fundamental objectives: to put order, and to make love flow in a healthy way.

In a family system there is always love. The problem with relationships is that disorder means that love does not flow, that it is lost like a water drain. The obstacle is when there is a love that makes the system sick and that alters the order. It is necessary to place that same love in a place that heals the person and the family system. This is where love can flow. Thus, the person can advance on the specific issue that relates to their problem.

The way this approach works is by making clear what the image of the problem is, and the group way is in general when the dynamics are clearer. Sometimes they use other elements such as fomi figures, playmobil toys, etc.

By being clear about the image of the problem, one can start towards the image of a solution, which is not magic, but rather that the person will have to put into practice in their daily life with concrete actions. Translating this is often complex and makes it easy to have an accompaniment.

Family constellations are not a panacea, however, they have taken off. This is because they touch on topics that no other therapeutic approach takes, and that are usually the key points in the relationship dynamics of people who seek to heal and modify their lives.

Watch out

As in any service, be it medical, psychological, mechanical, there are well-trained and professional people who provide excellent service. There are also charlatans and people who scam customers.

Family constellations are no exception. It is for this reason that it is important to know who you go to. Be sure that you are working with someone ethical, someone who can put himself at the service of life, at the service of the patient. And that someone will be the one who helps to pass “from love that makes sick to love that heals.”

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