Experts Say There Is A Way To Trick Your Brain To Always Be In Good Spirits

It is something you can do more often to improve your health.

Being in good spirits is something that makes us feel physically and mentally good. It’s not always easy to stay positive, and it’s even very difficult to see the bright side of things when you’ve had a terrible day. However, there is a science-proven trick to always being in a good mood.

Imagine you’ve had a fatal day. You feel tired and things are not going your way. In this state, it is very difficult for something to change your mood, right? Sometimes music, going for a run, orlisten to your mother’s voice,they can be beneficial to ease your bad mood; But there is something you must do that does not fail.


As simple as that? Yes, although in truth the smile is almost always the consequence of our good humor, experts say that it can also be the cause.

Scientists from the Igea Brain Institute assert that a smileit triggers certain chemical processes in the brain that immediately put us in a good mood. Dr. Isha Gupta, a neurologist at the Institute, explains that a simple smile releases dopamine and serotonin, which lowers stress and increases happiness.

That is, even if you are not in a good mood, if you start to smile, you will trick your brain into thinking that you are, and you will end up feeling happy and in good spirits. It’s worth a try. (You are smiling right?)

Force smile

Now that you know, it’s time to take the test. When you feel discouraged or in a very bad mood, smile. Sure, it can be difficult, because when we feel angry or frustrated, who wants to smile?

However, let me tell you, I did the test for a whole week, and it worked perfectly. Not only did my mood improve, but I felt much happier, enthusiastic, positive, and more empathetic to those around me.

In addition to this immediate benefit that the fact of smiling gives us, there are studies that ensure that when we smile, the stress decreasessignificantly. And obviously, those who smile the most take life in stride, which leads to everyday happiness and a longer life.

Other small details that improve our mood

In addition to going through life smiling until your facial muscles ache, there are other little details that you can put into practice in your everyday life to always be in a good mood.


1 Eat chocolate

Is scientifically checkedthat eating chocolate improves our mood. That’s why your favorite bar makes you feel so good.

2 Listen to music

When you see the glass “half empty”, put your favorite music list. You will see how your mood improves in a few minutes.

3 Riding a bike

Nothing like feeling the breeze on your face while pedaling. In addition, this activity oxygenates the brain and allows us to think better.

4 Play with your dog

Pets are faithful companions. Your dog, or your cat, can help you when you’ve had a bad day. They sense it and know how to help you.

5 Learn something new

A cooking course, a new sport, or whatever you’ve always wanted to learn. You will put your brain to work and focus on something new and useful.

6 Go shopping

When you buy something that you like that gives you pleasure, your brain secretes endorphins. That is why you feel happy; Of course, do not spend all your savings, as the effect will be inverse.

7 Take a bubble bath

Nothing like a good bath to calm us down when everything seems to have gone wrong. Afterward, you will feel fresh, renewed, and more positive.

8 Walking barefoot through fresh grass

The pleasure of contact with nature can make us forget everything bad. And it’s a good way to unload all our bad mood of the day to the ground.

9 Watch the sunrise

When you see the sunrise something in you wakes up, which will make you want to do something productive that day. “Those who wake up early, God helps”, the saying goes.

10 walking in the rain

Doing what we normally don’t do, like walking in the rain, and enjoying it, is something that can lift our spirits.

11 Spend more time with your friends

Nothing like a good conversation with your friends to get afloat No?

12 Call your mom more often

Is checked that when you talk to your mother on the phone, cortisol levels drop and your mood improves.

13 Set personal goals

If you feel stuck, that will probably put you in a very bad mood. Write down your personal goals, and meet them.

14 Follow your beauty ritual

Paint your nails, fix your hair, dress up in nice clothes. Women are powerful by nature, but when we make ourselves beautiful, we have the world at our feet.

15 get up early

You can be more proactive by getting up early and sticking with what you had planned to do. Well if you don’t, you will feel quite discouraged.

Feel the gratitude 

Every day is a beautiful opportunity that deserves to be lived. It is understandable that we have bad days, or days where we want to forget about the world. It is common for discouragement to take hold of us. But it is necessary to have Faith that you can achieve what you set out to do.

Smile. Life is one. You have thousands of opportunities to achieve what you want. Trust in God, pray every day and be grateful that you are alive. Believe me gratitude will be a great step towards happiness (and to improve your mood, of course!).

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