Experts Say That We Expect Too Much From Our Partners And That We Should Make This Change To Be Happy With The Person We Love

Getting into a love relationship can be a challenge; follow these tips.

Love breakups are always a topic that gives a lot to talk about among experts in science and psychology. However, the latter have begun to realize that during the last 100 years the human being has undergone so many changes that today the demands made to maintain a stable relationship with too many, which automatically causes them to fail, said Dr. Finkel to The Atlantic.

In the United States, 53% of marriages end in divorce, while in the United Kingdom the figure varies around 42%. Contrary to the decade of the 60s, where only 7% of marriages ended their love relationships forever. This is explained because in recent years we have begun to demand that our partner fully complement us and also help us grow as people. What sometimes makes expectations exceed reality and generates an internal crisis so great that the breakdown of the relationship seems the best solution. “The changing nature of our marriage expectations has caused more marriages to fall short of expectations and therefore disappoint us,” said Dr. Finkel.

And it is that today, people are looking for partners who make them feel: sensual, happy, happy, ambitious and who help them improve the series of defects they have and logically many times these expectations are truncated, so when to realize that all these requirements cannot be in one person, so they begin to look for those characteristics in others, which are generally those whom they have as contact in a social network, generating the failure of the relationship.

Faced with this scenario, Finkel advises:

  • Lower expectations and adjust them to reality

We must urgently stop asking to have a superhero by our side and begin to accept that he is a person who, like everyone else, has strengths and weaknesses, who can improve over time, but who will not lead to perfection.

It is also necessary to know that social networks do not always say everything about who we think we are seeing on the other side of the screen. So establishing relationships virtually is far from filling that space.

  • Spend quality time with your partner

If you have a stable relationship, it is best to start dedicating quality time and space, as a way to smooth things over and build the necessary confidence to be able to fix any problems that may arise along the way.

  • Stop demanding and start giving

The list of expectations is usually very high, it is important to begin to adjust it and realize that we cannot go through life asking for things that even we ourselves are not capable of giving to the other.

  • Accept reality and complement each other

Realizing that our partner is not perfect is part of life, but we must learn to see each of their virtues to begin to enjoy a healthy relationship, where both can complement each other in a good way to achieve plans and goals.

Let’s not allow fiction to overtake us and let’s start enjoying the reality we have in our lives a little more.

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