Experts Explain Why Women Only Have 6 Months To Truly Fall In Love With A Man

What needs to happen in the first 170 days in a relationship for you to have hope for a long-term future.

Our parents and grandparents had romances and commitments drastically different from what our children, the youth of today are experiencing.

With the arrival of the internet and social networks, the ways of socializing, meeting people, establishing a courtship and even getting engaged are very particular. While dating sites have taken on the role of matchmakers and chats, love letters, getting to know one person well enough to make the decision to choose the right person, get married and live together is still the same challenge.

La NaciĆ³n published the results of a survey that the well-known dating site ( conducted among its users about the time and events that occur in a relationship to take the next big step towards formal commitment.

The 3 big events and time

The first fight 170 days

That great first shovel where we clearly already know that falling in love is happening and in which we suddenly no longer coincide and we have a serious discussion, which by the way, gives way to a more in-depth discovery of what the “natural” person is like.

The revelation of the couple’s imperfections 173 days

Resolving the first fight, the vision clears and we accept that our partner is not as perfect as we had thought and we begin to see each other in a more human and sincere way.

Presentation to parents 6 months

Nowadays, introducing the parents to the boyfriend or girlfriend does not mean that it is for the purpose of marriage or even a formal commitment, but it does mean to begin to integrate the person into the family circle.

Robert Sivak, a psychiatrist who analyzes the results obtained from the find, rightly emphasizes that patience and tolerance are the key elements to get to know each other in depth.

So can we do more to make the relationship work?

Of course yes!

If you are in the first 6 months of a relationship or in the middle of a courtship, the following recommendations will be very useful:

Goodbye masks!

Although the first months are usually the best because of falling in love and the great euphoria that is experienced, the transition from falling in love, when everything is perfect, to sincere love, where we already see ourselves as we really are, is usually easier if from a In principle we do not lie and we manifest ourselves naturally.

Coexistence and sincere treatment

Going out together, with family, friends, meeting friends and living together in different settings, allows us to get to know each other better. Having time to talk and knowing how to solve the difficulties of living together are an excellent beginning for a happy marriage.

Clarity in goal setting

Many excellent couples get lost at the moment when they only focus their energies on personal projects and very rarely or none on projects as a couple. Proposing something and working together to achieve that goal significantly strengthens the future family. states that on average, it takes a couple 1,422 days from starting a relationship and getting married.

So how many days until your happiness?

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