Exercising As A Couple: Healthy Love In A Healthy Body

“He who does not find time to exercise will have to find time for illness” (Earl of Derby). Exercising as a couple: healthy love in a healthy body.

Today preventive health has become essential in people’s routine, among other reasons because health services are becoming more expensive every day and the consequences of preventable ailments due to overweight and poor diet have a direct impact on the physical and economic aspects.

However, although every day more people choose to take care of their body and health, there are also many excuses to take the first step in a direction in which food and a sedentary lifestyle are not the ones that govern our lifestyles, and Some of the most helpful excuses are lack of time and motivation.

Therefore, I invite you to start the process in the company of your partner, so that in this way, far from feeling overwhelmed, it is the perfect argument to spend more time with that person with whom you share your life. When searching the internet for ways to help motivate you, I found something interesting about him: activities to do two by two that I will share with you below.

Of course, going to the gym together is the most common and simple, since the proliferation of these sites is the order of the day, so see it as an option, but do not force yourself to go daily, as it is normal that you do not there is always time; Make it a point to come on certain days and don’t let anything else interfere.

If you can’t afford a gym, then go for a walk ; If I know one thing, it’s that talking about relationship issues at home can easily lead to arguments; however, when we do it in open spaces we are more willing to keep a cool mind. How about taking two or three days a week for walks with your partner, while they talk about their week, their pending, their plans or concerns?

Another super nice and very effective option is riding a bicycle, which is not very expensive, since your bike does not need to be one of the most modern on the market. It is very stressful to feel the wind on your face, to see who takes the lead, with caution of course and to unleash your inner child; believe me, you will enjoy it like in those days when your parents gave you your first tricycle.

Tennis and squash can be another idea for two, as they are dynamic exercises that do not tend to bore those who practice them and in which you work your whole body; It also serves to challenge each other, always trying to preserve the sporting spirit.

If leaving home is difficult for you, interactive video games are a viable option: on the market there are fitness games such as Zumba, The biggest loser, Hollywood workout, Exerbeat, BodyCoach 2, MoveFitness and Fit in six; it is just a matter of you looking on the internet or going directly to a video game store for advice.

Another idea to get out of the house and detach yourself from the routine and remote control are excursions : it is a weekend activity, so there are no excuses that you arrived tired or tired from work, because it is part of your free time. Rowing is also a challenging and effective exercise, as well as entertaining; it is a question of seeing how feasible it is in the area where you live.

They say that love enters the stomach, but I know of more than one couple who have started their romance on a dance floor. How about, then, if you go to dance classes together: Zumba, Latin rhythms, ballroom. The one that you and her or you and him move embraced while the music plays and laugh as in the first times, you will see that few things are more aphrodisiac. Try it!

As soon as they start to leave the house and see all that world of opportunities to be together, to motivate themselves and to help each other, they will know themselves lucky; Furthermore, when you feel the rigor of the exercises, you will no longer see the food as tempting. However, let me tell you that it is not about hating eating, not even living on pure lettuce, that will only make you bored easily.

The idea is that you change your habits

, that you substitute sodas for water. What I do, in this regard, is that with my husband we order a small soda for both of us and apart from mineral water, we serve a small amount of soda in our glass and the rest of the water, and in that way we dilute the amount of calories and sugars.

Another idea to change your diet is to combine meats, if that is what you like the most, with salads and in the same bite to mix both foods; in this way you disguise the flavor of the one you don’t like with the one you like.

Forbid yourself to overeat at night, because everything you eat at that time will stay in your body. It is best to opt for smooties , make a large amount of these fruit juices; fluids will make your stomach feel full.

And do not fear food, rather fear foods that are excessively processed, those with preservatives, artificial sweeteners, those that are fried; if you want potatoes, eat them baked and not French; If you want pizza, ask for the one with the thin dough and so you will change without so much effort what you give to your body and it will be grateful for it, forming a virtuous circle in which you and your partner will find health for your body and strengthen your love.

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