Every Parent Should Ask Themselves These Questions And Thus Evaluate Their Relationship With Their Children.

Being a father is not easy at all, but evaluating your performance will help you to be a better dad every day and leave a good memory and example in your children

A typical saying that many parents say to their children as a claim and sentence is: “You will know what it is to be a father when you have your own children”; how right in those words.

The work of being a father is very hard and perhaps it is because you begin to be one the moment you know that you are going to have a child; I say this because it is at that moment where you begin to assume responsibilities that you never believed when you were a child that you would have to take on.

To give guidance in this regard, below you will find some questions that appear on the all mail and vix sites adapted to this portal and that will help you evaluate your paternal role and improve what you have to improve so that you can be the unforgettable and worthy father to imitate.

Is parenting one of your highest priorities?

It may seem rude, but there are those who express – very toothlessly – that they love being parents; however, their actions say otherwise. It is not that being a father “assassinates” your right to be a man with his desires, aspirations, dreams, goals and objectives, it is just that if all those previous aspects prevail for you, then, allow me the daring, you should never have considered being a father .

Both things must have a balance: you are a father and you are a man; Furthermore, when you are a man you teach your children the value of being one.

Do you have parenting goals?

By this I mean that it is very possible that you have dreamed of the memory that your children, as adults, may have of you, and vice versa of course.

It is possible that you see yourself as a not very authoritarian father, more friend than father, perhaps somewhat bossy, however you see yourself, this question manages to place you at a point of analysis about the type of education and upbringing that you are giving your children and will allow make the changes you want based on that perspective.

How often do you leave your children alone?

It is not the same to give them freedom according to their age, than to neglect them. It is necessary for your children to learn some things in life on their own, but that is very different from forgetting that you have children because “they know how to defend themselves.”

Ask yourself whether you are one of those parents who direct their children’s lives according to your rules or allow your children to adapt those rules to discover their own tools. Remember that they, however intelligent and independent they are, need your guidance to learn how to choose and the best way to do it.

How is your relationship with them?

Are you a funny parent? What activities do you enjoy doing with them? When do you spend time with your children? What do you do when you are with them? These questions will help you clarify how you relate to them, if you have difficulties, what they are, and find a solution for those situations.

Are you able to recognize your mistakes as a parent?

Questioning yourself on that point not only gives you humility in recognizing that despite being an authority figure, it is not that you are always right.

Parents are wrong, sometimes many times more than they think, the point is to learn from your mistakes and know how to apologize when you do not act correctly with your little ones. But be careful, admitting that you were wrong is not the same as showing weakness. The intention of this is that your children learn to take responsibility for their actions and to be humble.

Are you the model of person you would like your children to be?

You cannot ask your children to be ordered when you are not exactly the “killer of order.”

Do you want your children to be honest? You must be, it’s as simple as that. They watch you and learn from you, so watch your steps because he is following you.

What do you know about your children?

It is not that you should pretend to know your children by heart, but they will ask you questions like At what age do I crawl? Or what was your first word? What is your favorite food? Could you answer them?

There are many parents who believe that this is not important, but the point is, how can you relate to them if you don’t even know what they like to eat or what they are allergic to?

Do you know how your children perceive you?

It is not just being a good father according to your concept, it is being one from the point of view of your children. It would not hurt to ask them how they see you, that way you will get a clear idea of ​​it.

What did you love the most about your parents?

It is certain that as a father you will try to imitate the good of yours. For this reason, parenting is a kind of game where you apply what you liked about the parenting you received and try to avoid the mistakes they made with you. It’s the same thing your kids will do when it’s their turn to be parents, so set a good example.

What is your biggest fear as a parent?

The fear of making a mistake is real, but that does not paralyze you since your children will dictate the guide to follow so that you correct them, love them, educate them as they need it and if you make mistakes you can always correct the way.

These questions will give you the perfect guide to be a better parent and thus leave an everlasting mark on your children.

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