Enjoy The Present. Don’t Live In The Past

Life is short; in the blink of an eye everything can change. When you do not enjoy what you are experiencing, you lose the opportunity to spend incredible moments with your family and people who love you.

Studies show that one of the things terminally ill regret the most is not having lived in the present and having spent a lot of time worrying about those decisions made in the past, and that it was no longer in their power to change them.

Every day you are faced with problems, stress, illness, pain, and disappointments. Everything becomes much worse if you only focus on how your life was before the problems presented themselves.

A few years ago I went through a very sad time. I felt how each piece of my life was falling little by little in front of me. I was living my life to live and I stopped being really happy and having pleasant moments. Now that I am away from my friends and family, I realize that I could have enjoyed each moment more. I always found myself worrying about the mistakes I made, the things I said, and the decisions I made. Today is too late to make up that time. But that experience taught me that every day I must be present in my life and stop looking back. The past teaches you, it gives you beautiful memories of people who are no longer with you but, in reality, there is not much else I can do for you.

These tips could help you live in the present and not the past:

Forget bad experiences

Sometimes the only thing you can remember are the bad times, which make you relive over and over the worst situations you’ve ever been through, making it difficult to get on with your life. Something that could help you is filling you with new memories. Do activities with your family and friends. Take lots of photos and put them in a place where you see them every day. This will make it more difficult for you to remember past situations.

Talk to your family and friends from time to time about people who are no longer with you

If you are going through a delicate moment, such as the death of a loved one, it may help to talk from time to time with your family or people who knew the person who is no longer there. Those memories become treasures, but it is not good to stop only in the past. There are people around who need you and want to create memorable memories with you. If you have friends from a distance, whom you miss, now with technology you can keep in touch with them. And of course, make sure that this does not stop you from making new friends.

Learn to stop worrying about what you can’t change

Take the impossible things to change more lightly. It makes no sense to keep thinking about what you could have done differently. Learn from your mistake and move on with your life.

Seek to be present

Just because you are in a place physically with people around it does not always mean that you are really there. If your mind is elsewhere, you are not enjoying or participating with the people who love you. Don’t turn away or stop talking when you meet friends and family.

Remember that life is a gift. Every moment that you spend near your loved ones is a blessing and they will not always be with you. The past is past, don’t live in it. You can never get back that minute by thinking about yesterday. Treasure your present because at the end of your days, you may regret having lost that minute.

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