Enjoy The Good Times And Learn From The Bad

Sometimes after great pain comes great blessing. And that’s when you learn and evolve.

“When we cannot change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves”

Viktor Frankl, concentration camp survivor


A well-known song by Rubén Blades says: ” Life gives you surprises “; the best thing is that there is not an iota of lie in that little sentence.

There are 2 great lessons that I learned throughout my years: First, we will never know when our time will come (to die); and second, we will never be certain when and how muchcan change life.

It happens at all times. Most people tend to believe that the changes that are most relevant are those that “move the foundations of life”; That’s not true at all. It is true that the bigger the event, the more it forces you to move outside of your comfort zone, to make changes and adapt, but small events can also lead to complex changes.

Now, changes are not bad no matter how painful they are; however, the “severity of the blow” depends on the attitude one has to face it.

None of us suffer or enjoy the good and bad moments of life in the same way. Therefore, if something must be learned, it is to enjoy the good moments and learn from the bad ones ; That is a teaching that can also be left to the family.

The importance of bad times

Somewhere I read that there is no day without night; the truth is that I believe that bad times are the prelude to the blessings that life brings after passing a test.

Bad times help you to value the great blessings in your life. Without the fateful events of life, we could not give real value to the situations that make us very happy.

But in addition to this, the difficulties of life arise for us to learn a lesson. So that we become stronger and human beings of great value. The terrible thing is that when we do not learn the lesson, we are condemned to go through that bad experience again and again; that, until finally we make that learning our own.

From that point of view, the bad moments are intended to be teachers who will always teach good things; Whether the person is willing to learn is their own and individual business.

Importance of good times

Beyond the happiness that can be experienced and the pleasant sensations that arise when evoking happy memories, good times free us from stress. Besides this,leavememories in your mind that displace the most painful. They also give us peace and rest, which allows us to be healthier and stronger.

Best of all, good times can come from simple actions. A joke, a hug, a liberating talk, a call from a loved one, good news ; In short, almost any situation that is happy for you will leave you with a feeling of happiness that will last a long time so that you can enjoy it and get the best out of it.

A life lesson

Just today, when I was about to start writing this article, I came across the life anecdote of a Salvadoran man who left me one of the best life lessons.

Watch and listen to this video // and don’t complain anymore. ????????????????

Posted by Alexander Umaña on Monday, May 4, 2020

He relates that throughout his childhood he suffered from hunger. To get to school he had to walk a very long distance; which was sometimes very difficult for him due to weakness due to poor diet.

He tells how he watched from afar how his classmates groped the food that was served to them at school. They half bit the food and despised it because – according to them – it was very disgusting. Those half-touched foods were thrown away, but he stole them and kept them in a plastic bag; then he would run to a nearby mountain, hide and eat part of them, the rest he would take to his family.

The arrival of change

He was always grateful to God because “he had found something to eat.” The great thing about it all is that he recognizes in those painful events in his life the arrival of a great blessing.

One day, after a very difficult day because he felt very weak from hunger, he fainted. A teacher who was aware of all the challenges he faced every day invited him to a sporting event. That teacher knew that those walks that he made very early in the morning were a kind of training in running; he accepted.

On race day he arrived in knee-length jean pants, a humble shirt and shoes. He didn’t have money for a uniform and that made him a mockery of the other competitors; However, those humiliations only didstronger. He competed and won, which opened the doors to a different and better life.

This man knows that humility is greater than all foolish words and also knows that as great as the suffering is, likewise is the blessing that is going to be received, but one must be humble and have a resilient attitude in order to be worthy of that happy change for life.

The truth is that we all know to a greater or lesser extent what this man is talking about. I also went through a very complex economic situation for years; at first I did not understand and rage gnawed at me. It was when, after much despair and disappointment, I understood that things would not change if I did not change my attitude. Learning that lesson was the beginning of the end and the arrival of positive change in my life.

I invite you to make that change. It is not easy, but it is rewarding when you know that that time ofsufferingIt was not in vain. Now you only have to enjoy those good times, you know what it feels like to suffer, now enjoy your blessings.


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