Einstein’s 2 “theories” To Achieve Happiness

A piece of paper. A story. Two phrases for humanity. What did Einstein think about happiness?

Many things are said about happiness; however, each “theory” depends on who brings it to life. The truth and interesting thing about the matter is that each of these theories are true. Yes, because happiness is something subjective because each one lives and experiences it for different reasons and moments in life.

Einstein and his understanding of happiness

There are a couple of notes that today are known as Albert Einstein’s recipe for happiness .

According to Einstein, this rule can make anyone in the world happy

By 1922, the famous Physicist was staying at the Imperial Hotel in the city of Tokyo, Japan. While there, one afternoon a young delivery man approached with important news to give Albert Einstein. The news was that he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921.

Earning that recognition took time. The first time he was considered for the Nobel Prize was in 1910. However, for the Nobel Prize committee, the experimental evidence of Einstein’s theory of relativity was not enough. It was only until 1922 that the physicist was awarded an award for the theory of the photoelectric effect, which was the most indisputable and proven with multiple experiments.

Einstein left Japan and continued his journey according to his initial plan. Awarded and all, he did not attend the awards ceremony in Stockholm.

Now you ask, what important role does the young delivery man play in Einstein’s story? Well, I’ll tell you that as payment for breaking the news to him, Einstein did not give the young man a cash tip, but instead gave him a piece of paper with two sentences that he accompanied with a request: “Keep them; in time these notes will be worth more than a tip. And it was very true, because almost a century later the notes were sold at auction for thousands of dollars.

What did the notes say?

The first note Albert Einstein wrote to the boy was a simple “recipe” on happiness. This reads:

The quiet and humble life brings more joy than the desire to be successful combined with constant anxiety.”

The other note talks about the problem of willpower. The note says:

“He who has willpower will also find a way.”

This phrase was more than what Einstein thought about will.

If read carefully, both notes are nothing more than a reflection of what Einstein did throughout his life. Of course, just as he had many successes in his life, he also made serious mistakes with his loved ones. He was extremely intelligent, that cannot be denied, but a human being in construction like all.

Undoubtedly, it was the blows of life that taught Einstein both pieces of advice that he gave the young man, which I find very successful.

1st Sentence: “The quiet and humble life brings more joy than the desire to be successful combined with constant anxiety”

Everyone at some point has dreamed of a successloud. There is nothing wrong with it, except that if you don’t manage to keep your feet on the ground and a clear understanding of the skills each has to do so, you will be doomed to constant anguish.

Not everyone wants to be famous and that is not to be a conformist, it just shows a calm person that you want a peaceful and happy life. That is really very commendable.

But there are also those who want to be successful. Being one refers to sacrifice, perseverance, struggle, effort and above all a strong character. All these qualities are necessary to reach the top; strong character is the addition that will keep you impassive in the face of criticism and the inevitable envy that will come hand in hand with your achievements.

Just superficially read the life of a celebrity you admire, and you will find that I am not deceiving you. However, if you delve into their stories, you will notice that behind all the success, recognition and money, perhaps there was also suffering, addictions and pain. Sometimes all that pain comes from bad company, ambition and misunderstood loneliness; Despite this, when these people achieve control over these “internal demons”, peace reigns in them and they become happy. Yes, success is also compatible with happiness, but you need to have self-control.

The road to success can be filled with fear and anxiety. Even so, once self-control has been achieved, the person can live in complete happiness and tranquility to enjoy what has been achieved.

2nd Sentence »Whoever has willpower will also find a way»

Do you want to achieve great goals and success? Work hard and be constant, which is nothing more than having willpower.

Willpower helps you both to achieve the highest goals, as well as to get rid of bad habits. What you have to do is find a way to work at it; then just work on it until you achieve your goal.

It is difficult to have willpower because motivation is required to feel the impulse to fight for what you want, but you can if you want it.

Here is a small example:

Suppose you want to quit smoking, then just have determination. Once you have decided that you are not going to smoke, what you can choose to do is read all the information about what causes smoking in health. You can also make accounts of the money that you invested for years in that vice; That can motivate you to save every dollar you spend on a cigarette every time you want to smoke.

When the urge to smoke hits you, what you can do is eat a mint or chew a gum, whichever seems better to you. You can choose to exercise, the point is that you manage to distract yourself until the desire disappears. Thus, little by little on the least expected day you will find yourself free of that bad habit.

Everything is achieved that way, it is only a matter of wanting and taking one step after another.

Remember then those two life lessons: tranquility and humble life equals happiness. Still, if you want to be successful, you must work hard to achieve it.

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