Eat These 7 Super Foods Every Day And Finally Lose Those Extra Kilos

A perfect formula for an AWESOME result. Don’t wait any longer and have the body you want.

A perfect formula for an AWESOME result. Don’t wait any longer and have the body you want.

These superfoods will help you by speeding up your metabolism, swapping your cravings for healthy ones, and increasing the efficiency of your immune system. All you have to do is incorporate them into your diet, prioritize them, and start shopping for clothes that are several sizes smaller.

Green apples (red ones help too, but not as much as green ones)

These fruits must become your best allies. Packed with pectin, consuming at least one apple per day (preferably on an empty stomach) will make even the slowest metabolism speed up.

Apples also have soluble and non-water soluble fibers, which will help you with the digestion process. If you keep an apple or two in your bag for when you feel hungry, you are not only eating a low calorie food, but you are enjoying the other benefits.

EXTRA: It also improves your immune system.

The eggs

This food is one of the top foods that help you lose weight. Eggs are high in protein and low in fat. If you consume one or two eggs a day, you can also speed up your metabolism, feeling satisfied for much longer.

EXTRA: If you want more protein and less fat, consume two or three whites for each yolk. (Avoid consuming them fried).

Salads with seeds

Almost all diets include them, but the secret to a good salad that is healthy and that will keep us satisfied for longer is to include sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or any other type of seed, grains or almonds.

Green leaves are extremely low in calories, and therefore you can consume the amount you want, the problem is that they cannot fill you up for long and therefore you must mix them with the seeds and grains.

EXTRA: The great presence of phytonutrinets will allow your body to do each activity properly, avoiding the accumulation of fat when it is not necessary.


Almonds, cashews, and walnuts in general provide the best protein and the healthiest form of fat for leather. Nuts are the best way to satisfy hunger with few calories and with the release of instant energy and for long periods of time.

EXTRA: 20 almonds per day are enough to replace the snack with all the benefits for your health.

The protein shakes

These fabulous shakes are great when you want to lose weight and are increasing the level of physical activity you are. They’re perfect for speeding up your metabolism, and they’re great for giving your body the healthiest calories after a while at the gym or a hike.

EXTRA: You can also replace a meal with one of these shakes. To make them more nutritious you can add a fruit or some vegetable.

The vegetables

Incorporate the vegetables in as much as you can. In smoothies, smoothies, in salads, in soups, scrambled eggs, in everything you eat, and you will notice the difference. They provide a high amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals that not only help you lose weight, but also influence your skin and hair.

EXTRA: People who include at least three different colored vegetables per day are healthier and accumulate less fat.

Complex carbohydrates

They help you get the energy you need on a daily basis and in the gym, while helping your digestive system to keep working actively and effectively. Use brown rice, quinoa, and whatever else you can to replace simple carbohydrates.

EXTRA: Consume these complex carbrohydates and increase your water intake to notice a difference faster.

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