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Much of what we are, we inherit from our mothers, aunts, grandmothers. It was knowledge that was passed on, despite the generation gap. If this is so big, that the knowledge no longer happened to you, here I share it this v

When you become a mother for the first time, there are many doubts about how we should care for and feed our baby, his health and development depend a lot on the care we give him.

On many occasions, these tips are learned from grandmothers or from our mothers, friends or mothers-in-law, but what happens when you don’t have any support and only you have to learn alone? Here are some common questions for your newborn baby care.

How to carry the baby?

As they are newborns they still cannot support their head by themselves, it is important to pass your hands under their body making sure that the head is on your forearm, at the height of your chest, ensure that all their weight is balanced in one of your arms, it is the best and safest way not to hurt him. Another simple way is to place it on your shoulder always trying to support his head.

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Why wrap it with a blanket?

It is common that when they are newborns you wrap your baby with a blanket wrapping him like a tamale, putting him in a straight position, with his arms outstretched, but with his feet a little loose (not so tight), so you will avoid hurting his little ones Nails because they are still very sharp, this small act will remind your baby of the warm and safe space of the uterus and will keep him warm during the first days, before doing so make sure he does not need a diaper change.

Why sleep on his back?

Many certified institutions recommend laying the baby on his back, as it will have a greater amount of oxygen and it is less risky for sucking milk (although it may seem otherwise), thus preventing the baby from suffocating.

How do I know if my baby is sick?

The first indication is to pay attention to the baby’s cry. If his crying is constant and without any cause such as being hungry or changing his diaper, it is sure that something hurts: pay attention to his bowel movements and if there are any irregularities. It is common for newborns to have gastrointestinal problems due to maturity in their body, but it will be solved with the passage of time.

How do you love to blanket it?

Place your baby on his back directing his mouth to your nipple, remember that it must cover the entire area of ​​the areola. Remember that breastfeeding should not be painful, if so then the baby is not well positioned, try again. You should consider being in a comfortable position since each feed can take up to 40 minutes in the first few months.

During this process you may present that your breasts are full or swollen or that the nipples are sore, it is normal, but if the discomfort persists, consult your doctor.

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After breastfeeding what to do?

Immediately afterwards you should burp your baby because he surely has air in his stomach or gas, so you will avoid him feeling upset, with a little pat on his back you will be able to do it quickly.

What diapers to use?

Cloth diapers are the most recommended and the most used for their multiple economic and ecological advantages. But if your thing is not to enslave yourself by washing every so often, you can opt for disposable ones. What you should take into account is the skin of your baby because sometimes it can present a rash that is a redness or scaling, caused by the rubbing of the diaper, it is preferable to change the brand or change the diaper constantly so that it always stays clean and fresh .

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What about the umbilical cord?

There are many myths on the subject of the baby’s navel that you have surely heard, it is best to consult your doctor. You must pay attention to the hygiene of your navel, wash it with alcohol and gauze. It takes seven to twenty-one days to dry completely and it will fall off, leaving a small wound that will heal. It is not advisable to swaddle the baby because it may present stomach discomfort.

How to dress my baby?

Your baby’s clothes must be extremely careful with soap since its delicate skin can irritate it, it is advisable to wash clothes with neutral soap, avoid the use of fabric softeners or perfumers. Cover it depending on the weather, avoid exposing it to the sun for a long time.

When can the baby go outside?

From the first day, just avoid taking it to places that are too crowded (With many people) or very noisy. Remember that as it is very small it does not yet develop its own defenses and it can easily acquire any disease.

How do I bathe it?

Use a warm room avoiding a lot of air from entering, when you have not yet lost your umbilical cord it is recommended only to wash your face with water and body avoiding wetting the navel as much as possible, do not use soaps, perfumes or any hair beauty product , until your cord falls off and your belly button heals.

Now is the time to enjoy your baby and learn to communicate with him, know when he is happy, sad or angry.

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