Easter: 5 Ideas To Create Family Traditions

Easter is just around the corner. What family traditions do they have? Would you like to pass them on from generation to generation? I invite you to read some ideas on how to do it.

It is no secret to anyone that family traditions are necessary, as they carry a feeling of belonging and make the family love each other and feel even more united. In this lies the importance of transmitting traditions from generation to generation, because by doing so we leave a unique and unrepeatable mark on the different members of our family. A good way to transmit them is to always consider the cultural changes that the years bring: families grow, adapt, change and traditions must too. However, the important thing is to keep the essence of them.

Easter can be a good time to build or reinforce family traditions. Although some of the ideas that you will read below may vary depending on the country you are in, many others coincide and I think it is very important to keep them:

1. Teach your children the story of Jesus

Advertising and marketing seem to move us further and further away from the center of each religious celebration, turning them into pretexts to rebound in the sales of different companies and brands. Here it is essential that as parents we face these market trends and begin to take the time to explain to our children, from the time they are small, that Holy Week should be a period of reflection regarding the love that the Atonement of Jesus Christ represents.

Getting closer to God. Holy Week starts on Sunday

2. Go to some spiritual act, according to your religious creed

One way to complement the explanations that we give to the little ones is by fostering spaces for the spiritual development of our children. Regardless of the creed they profess as a family, it is important for children to see that other people of the same faith participate actively in these types of sacred commemorations.

3. Eat simply during Easter

For some people it is important to stop eating meat during this period, as a sign of the desire to cleanse their bodies to face Easter. If you don’t share this belief, what you can do is eat simply these days, in order to create a spirit of humility. It should be noted that by eating simple, I mean not preparing dishes worthy of a professional chef, but simple stews that also allow you to dedicate more time to reflection than to cooking.

Reflection and good eating. Recipes for the seven days of Holy Week

4. Get together as a family during Easter

Many families have chosen to come together every Easter Sunday, to celebrate together the good news that Jesus Christ has risen. In my family, for example, we share at least one meal that day, as an opportunity to have a pleasant moment of reflection together where we express the love we feel for others.

5. Create moments of reflection as a family

Many people have a tradition of leaving one day of that week in order to gather all the members of the family, creating the environment for a family council. In this one important subjects for each one are touched. Another great idea is to set aside a family time to open the Bible and discuss some verses that tell the story of Easter. This will help them to become closer as a family, to express their love and to better understand what it is that we are commemorating.

If you are just starting your family, it is the ideal time to start creating small traditions that can be passed down from generation to generation. Remember that our children learn more when they are watching us, than when we insist on instilling some kind of knowledge only verbally.

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