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5 Things That Infidelies Panic About

Being discovered is NOT one of them. Infidels are people who must share certain characteristics in their personalities so that they may feel an attraction to betray the person they love. Contrary to what many think, what motivates these people to infidelity are not feelings of superiority or ego, but rather, the exact opposite. read

What Women Find Outside The Home

When we talk about infidelity in marriage, we generally think of men as the main offenders, but what happens when the woman is the unfaithful one? What can we do to take care of ourselves? Culturally and socially, there is the idea that men are the unfaithful in a couple. Currently the reality is different:

8 Reasons You Should Never Marry Him

Discovering the reasons why you should never have chosen him as a husband will help you face your divorce process with greater strength and determination. A divorce, more than a legal process, is a life process to which – unfortunately – you and every married woman are exposed. When making the decision to get married,

8 Male Attitudes That Destroy A Wife

Your partner may be a good husband; However, there are attitudes that little by little deteriorate your marital relationship and perhaps you do not know them, discover them here. There are opposites for all things in nature, and humans are no exception. All people throughout life develop different “ways of being.” Some are good or