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What Women Find Outside The Home

When we talk about infidelity in marriage, we generally think of men as the main offenders, but what happens when the woman is the unfaithful one? What can we do to take care of ourselves? Culturally and socially, there is the idea that men are the unfaithful in a couple. Currently the reality is different:

Believe It Or Not, They Can Also Be The “third Party In Contention” In Your Marriage

They can also be the cause of the failure of your marriage. Discover who, how and why? Much cloth has been cut regarding the factors that damage a marriage; However, there are aspects that a couple could never imagine that could be the triggers for the destruction of their marital relationship. Those unimaginable aspects have

The Friendly Face Of Divorce

Every divorce should have a nice side. If you want to know the reasons, then you must read this article. I do not intend to support divorce, but I must admit that there are such complex and violent relationships that painful separation is the least of evils. I emphasize, they are exceptions where staying together,

Divorce Is Not A Possibility

A person who is sufficiently committed will not embark on the marriage journey if he believes that he is not ready, and if he does, his decision is serious, measuring the reality of the agreement he signs and the duty he acquires. With the mentality of “If it doesn’t work, I get divorced”, many come