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Santa’s Priority Is Not What You Think

What is Santa doing right now? How do you organize your day on December 24? Have you ever wondered? Imagine with me that we can transport ourselves to the North Pole on December 24 and witness what really happens in the life of Santa Claus that day, will you join me? Let’s be silent, we

Christmas From A Distance? Try These Tips

Living Christmas away from the people you love can be a real chaos, I invite you to read how to get closer to the hearts of those you love and miss so much. Christmas is, for many of us, the most important date of the year, because we can organize a dinner with the whole

My Son Received Too Many Toys. That Is Good?

Children are the stars of the end of the year parties and we all like to entertain them. However, the excess of present can be harmful for its development. Would you like to know why? I consider that one of the most satisfying things Christmas and the New Year leave us with is seeing and