Driver Found A Woman Almost Dead By The Side Of The Road, But What She Found Later Made Her Blood Run Cold

He stopped his car in the middle of nowhere and no one is prepared for what happened next …

The terrible things that happen in the life of a human being have no “time or date on the calendar,” so sometimes it is better to be prepared for the unthinkable and hope that everything turns out for the best.

The newsner portal tells how Tina Dubyts listened to her intuition and was able to help someone who was about to freeze to death.

Tina follows her instincts

Tina was driving down a Canadian highway during a cold winter where the temperature was reaching 3 degrees Fahrenheit (-16 degrees Celsius) when she suddenly felt something was wrong.

He stopped his car and in the snow piled by the side of the road, after looking closely, he saw a woman in shock and very injured.

As he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, “I didn’t really see anything, but something caught my eye,” Tina said. “She was in shock. It was obviously frozen.

The victims

Tina rescued Kristen Hiebert, who not only had frosty hair, but had both arms and a broken leg, as well as frozen hands as she was only dressed in socks, a hoodie, a jacket and jeans.

After finding kristen, he realized that she was not alone. Kristen, as she could, took Tina to her car, which had turned into a ditch about 12 hours ago. When Tina looked out the back window she got a worse shock.

What happened?

Kristen was driving her car and taking her 4-year-old daughter with her, suddenly her car crashed and she got into a ditch.

After spending a long time waiting for a possible death from frostbite, Kristen desperately got out of the car in search of help. Her legs and hands were frozen and she had fractures but there was no other option if she wanted both of them to survive the ordeal.

She had to go out into the cold environment since where the car had been overturned, it was not visible to anyone who will pass by, Kristen had to climb the rail of the highway to seek help, leaving her daughter inside the car.

When Tina saw the little girl in the back seat, she thought she was dead because she was in a fetal position and that was how she looked.

She left the girl for dead and informed the 911 staff, but fortunately the girl survived wrapped in a blanket in the back seat of the car. She was scraped, a little bruised and had frostbite on one of her legs, but she was alive.

For Tina, Kristen is a brave woman with a will of steel, and it is that few could survive an accident of that type, but I think that one does whatever it takes for children.

How to help someone injured?

According to the site salud180 it is recommended:

Keep calm so you can act quickly and help the injured. The magnitude of the damage, the survival prognosis and the sequelae depend on this.

2. Make sure you are not taking risks, evaluate the scene where the accident occurred, as this ensures your physical safety and that of others.

3. Observe how hurt the person is; look at her general state of the patient, state of consciousness, respiratory and circulatory condition. Then, take the patient by the shoulders, shake slightly, and ask if they are okay.

With this first evaluation, you identify if the injuries put the patient’s life at risk.

4. Vital signs: these are the signs that indicate the presence of life. Count the beats, beats and breaths in 30 or 20 seconds and multiply by three, in this way you get the total responses per minute.

5. If the person suffers from suffocation: it can occur due to food or foreign object ingestion, as well as bronchial aspiration or allergies. If you can do it because you have the knowledge, give help otherwise ask someone who knows to help you and call 911.

How to act in an accident?

We never know when we may find a person on our way who requires your urgent help, so it is important to know the best way to act in this regard.

It is vital to know what type of accident that person has had. In the event of a car accident, the avvo portal recommends:

1. Stay on the Site; never leave the scene of an accident unless a medical emergency requires it.

2. Seek Help, call 911 and ask for medical assistance.

3. Give assistance, yes and only if you know how to do it, otherwise do not proceed as you can make the situation worse.

4. Notify Others and ask for help so that someone else will help you care for the injured.

5. Report the accident to the police

6. Obtain information about the accident in case you were involved, just to avoid problems of a legal nature, otherwise only offer your testimony.

7. Find out what will happen to your car if it is damaged or has to do with the accident

8. Call your insurance agency

9. Seek medical help

10. Don’t give money to anyone

11. Hire a lawyer

Information provided is for guidance only. In order for you to obtain more knowledge, it is best that you resort to an appropriate orientation in your place of residence, your help as well as that provided by Tina is highly valued by the people I help as well as by society.

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