Don’t You Know Yourself? Discouragement Surely Has You By The Neck; 8 Steps To Find Your Happiness

Discouragement can be a trap that is placidly installed in your life and whispers in your ear that you cannot, that it is better to abandon everything and throw in the towel. It usually scares and paralyzes you, but you can beat it.

Discouragement can dig deep inside you. In those times you have surely thought of throwing in the towel. And that dream, that you yearn for so much, is stuck somewhere on the agenda, waiting to be realized. In this regard, let me tell you what happened to a young boy:

He breathed softly, trying one last time to breathe in the fresh air of the region. Her head ached from thinking so much. She took her clothes, arranged some things, and loaded her luggage. It was then that she decided to leave Pablo and Barnabas. Jerusalem was calling him, so John Mark returned with his own.

Time passed, Paul and Barnabas were alone, the faithful multiplied, the hunger for the God of Israel roamed the streets, it was difficult to evangelize without workers. “The forces are weakened if there are no hands to collaborate,” was perhaps the brief comment that Bernabé made to Pablo, before mentioning the desire to call Juan Marcos. Paul understood perfectly what and to whom he was referring.

However, “it did not seem convenient for Pablo to take him, because Marcos had abandoned them in Pamphylia. The disagreement was so serious that they ended up separating: Barnabas took Mark away and sailed for Cyprus, while Paul, for his part, chose Silas and, entrusted by the brothers to the love of the Lord, left there “(Acts 15:38 -40, DHH).

Pablo, who was strong in character, did not give in to Barnabas’s request, and surely angrily argued and argued that Juan Marcos had no aptitude for leadership, or that he was inconsistent, perhaps unreliable and who knows how many other things. The point is, Pablo also grabbed his duffel bags and left with Silas.

Can you get an idea of ​​how Juan Marcos felt when he found out about such an argument because of him?

That was just the beginning. When he heard the comment about his replacement, he thought it was a practical joke. They had chosen a newbie in the church. Juan Marcos had more years in the gospel than Paul himself, and had been a member of the Christian congregation from its beginning. Discouragement passed through his heart, but he didn’t allow it to settle.

With the passage of time he had the privilege of going to Babylon with Peter, while Paul regained confidence in him and invited him to travel, along with Timothy, to Rome. On a cold drizzling afternoon he began to write, by inspiration, one of the gospels that bears his middle name, presenting Jesus by his deeds.

Perhaps Juan Marcos used some of these ancient advice:


Do not get stuck in your daily routine, seek to take new risks in your daily routine; For example, you have made a cake (cake) and it was not very fluffy, before you get discouraged, how about if you make a cream and mix it with peaches in pieces or add meringue, and thus create a novel dessert, different from the usual cake.


If you see that you are about to enter the corridor of discouragement, call your network of friends and try to feel supported by people who know and appreciate you.

Write your goals

Perhaps you are clear about what it is you want to do, but you don’t know where to start or how to continue, so discouragement looms at the door. Well, with a pencil, write down your goals, organize an action plan and act based on it. Even think of possible “cons” so that when they arise (if they do arise) you will be prepared in advance and discouragement will not overcome you.

Find a supervisor or mentor for your projects

It is a brilliant tool and one that guarantees success to have a friendly voice that supervises and encourages you; it is also very necessary for me to tell you if you are going the wrong way. Discouragement tends to develop when you face a task alone without someone to guide and encourage you. Maybe you are so discouraged that you don’t even dress up or go out to exercise; A “tutor” friend can help you by picking you up, and encouraging you to go outside.

Don’t lose focus

It is very common to start a project, get excited, but we must not forget that concentration must always be focused on reaching the maximum. Losing concentration can be a reason that leads to discouragement when something goes wrong; he is very similar to the lumberjack who sets out to cut down many trees, but forgets to sharpen his ax.

Motivate yourself

Look for videos that motivate you, there are usually many motivational videos on the Internet, and observing them will allow you to affirm the idea that if others have been able to achieve it, you can too.

You are happy?

Write down the things that make you happy on a good size sheet or in your diary, and go for them. Sadness often knocks on the door of those who are not passionate about what they do and just survive each day. Martin Luther King once said, “Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.” Put your heart in what you do.

Is it a thankless task? Well, do it with all your heart; you can’t leave it, but you can have the power to make a little passion out of it.


Whatever you do, enjoy it with your whole being; feel the joy of being alive and having a body, mind and soul that allow you to carry out your dreams. Look around you, you know that there are people who will die without knowing the sea, have a child in their womb, walk, run, see, listen, caress a pet, have a daily plate of food; enjoy everything because they are gifts that God offers you.

Discouragement can cloud your mirror in the morning, but it can’t stop you from seeing who you are and where you want to go.

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