Don’t Take Life So Seriously. Dance, Sing… Live

The passage from childhood to adulthood often implies forgetting that, close and simple, that made us laugh and live from day to day, without thinking about tomorrow. If you take life so seriously, you can have a bad time, instead

As a child you surely had many dreams, and the best thing was that you believed them possible. You lived in the present, every day, and you enjoyed it to the fullest. Sometimes you were a princess, a doctor, a dancer, or an adventurer. You dreamed without limits and, for sure, you were happy. Because children are like that: fresh, spontaneous, and they know how to live.

I feel as an adult the routines, obligations and worries made you forget your inner child. Today you live occupying your time, most of the time, in the past or in the future. And unfortunately, you leave the present for another time. You never have too much time or energy to enjoy the little things, and when you do, you feel guilty and irresponsible. Financial concerns, professional success, or material security become the center of your life. And you forget to play, laugh, dance and sing. All, small acts that, in addition to being free, can bring you great happiness.

As the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes well put it, “Men do not stop playing because they grow old, but they grow old because they stop playing.” And in our need to plan for the future, not only do we forget about ourselves, but we pretend that children are no longer so and that they live a life full of obligations and study so that they are “successful” people. We take life so seriously that we forget to live in anticipation of an ideal future that, incidentally, never comes.

Therefore, if you are one of those who need not to take life so seriously, I propose to achieve, through small gestures, relive your present as when you were little and the word concern did not exist in your life:

Value today

You may be too focused on your obligations and your future goals; Your work or routine may not leave you room to enjoy small everyday details. However, the future is a place that does not yet exist and that you cannot know for sure. Instead, the present is what is happening today in your life and that if you do not value it enough you can run the risk of missing it. It’s okay to make plans, but don’t let your plans make you forget your world today.

Allow yourself moments of play and leisure

You will not be irresponsible or immature by letting yourself be carried away by the game. Rather, it will help you relax, connect with laughter and creativity, as well as provide important benefits to your health and quality of life. Ultimately, you will be happier.

Let go of control

It is an illusion to think that you can keep everything under control. It is possible that you do your best, that you take the greatest precautions and that you plan many acts; But, the reality is that there are hundreds of factors that you cannot control. Relax, control what you can and let the rest flow.

Trust your internal resources

Instead of putting all your reason for being in external circumstances (money, work, profession, world economy) think that you are capable enough to find solutions to your problems when they arise. Strength comes from within, it is useless if you only think it comes from without.

Watch less news and listen to comforting music

It’s okay to stay informed, but when you feel like the news is taking over your being, turn off the TV or change the channel. Living in fear and worry will probably give you more dimension to problems than to solutions. Do not forget that the news live off the problem and sensationalism. Instead, music generally comforts and cheers. Go to her when you need to reduce stress.

Trust in God

Things don’t just happen. And many lived circumstances – positive and negative – with time leave their learning. Think that God knows how he does things and that he has a plan for you that even you yourself do not know. So trust him and give him your worries. You will surely have the best answer when you least imagine it.

In short, life is a perfect dance. Dance with her.

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