“don’t Forget The Main Thing”, A Story About Life’s Priorities

When you take loving care of what is most important to you, you discover the true scale of values ​​in your life.

An old story tells that a very poor woman was walking and carrying her little son in her arms. During her walk, she passed a cave. When she was going to pass by, she heard a mysterious voice coming from within her that said:
– «Come in and take everything you want, but don’t forget the main thing, because when you leave, the door will close forever. So, take advantage of this great opportunity, but don’t forget about the main thing! »
Hearing this, the woman decided to enter. Upon entering the cave, she found treasures of great beauty and value. She was so enchanted by all that her eyes could see, that she put her little baby on the floor to take part of the treasure offered by that voice and put it on her apron.
From one moment to another the mysterious voice was heard again and this time it said:
Once the eight minutes were up, the woman, laden with gold and precious stones, immediately ran out of the cave and then the door closed behind her.
The woman excited by her treasure set out to look for her little boy, but it didn’t take long to realize that the little one had stayed inside the cave forever.
The wealth she acquired was short-lived, but the desperation to get her son back was with her for the rest of her life.

What does the word priority mean to you?

Generally speaking, a priority it is what is in the first place of interest to a person. A priority is that thing for which you would be able to sacrifice your life, health and well-being as long as it is achieved, cared for and protected.

Needless to say, the priorities for each of us are very different. For some people, what is at the top of their pyramid of “important things in life” is their career. Some have their family first, while others have themselves at the top.

Can we judge a person’s priorities?

The truth is that we do not have that right, the reason is that only each one of us knows how much it cost him that he cares so much. Apart from that, we usually judge others from our life parameters, something that is absurd because we are all different.

Right versus desired

What is certain is that if we base ourselves on what is correct or not, there will be many discrepancies in the priority lists of the members of a society.

For example, for a person who has a partner and children, it would be very bad if she prioritizes her friends over her family.Is it no longer a priority for her? No, unless someone very trustworthy makes her see her failure.

Going to the example of history, the woman forgot her son as a result of her ambition for riches. Out of the desire to meet a material need or desire, she forgot a being who came out of her womb and who was going to love her whatever her condition.

That can happen to us at some point in life. There are hundreds of men and women who, having a beautiful family, abandon it to go after someone who for them represents their ultimate dream. Then, the passing of the years makes them see their mistakes, sadly when they no longer have much to do about it.

Everything is important, but you have to know how to give it its place

Beyond right or wrong, there is the fact that people are not monochrome. We have hundreds of diverse interests that shouldn’t fight each other.

For example, a person can love his profession and work very much, it took him a lot of effort and dedication to get to where he is (that is his self-realization). But your family is important to that person too; But that, he decided that as both aspects of his life were important, he would work as long as necessary during the week and at reasonable hours and then from 6 in the afternoon until 10 at night, weekends and vacations would be sacred for your partner and children.

It is the same for everyone, it is a matter of giving each situation its place and time, whatever the interests of each person.

Respect the priorities of others

Something that is seen a lot in the homes of the world is the Pressure that many parents and relatives exert on their children or younger people in their care.

Not because you have decided to have an average life marked by the rule that many people have followed hundreds of years ago, your progeny will want to do the same. The above is not something that is easy for many people to understand, but they must understand that times change and the dreams of some are not those of others.

Today many young people dream of traveling, they do not want to have children or a regular job. Instead they prefer to dedicate their lives to selfless service to others, to have pets, and to adopt children while still single; And this is not bad or good, it is the way they see the world and how they chose to live their lives, those are their priorities, and they must be respected.

The important thing in life is that you never forget what is important to you, that which never ceases to be. Do not neglect what you love the most for the momentary; If you take care of this with zeal, it will surely bring you a life full of satisfaction until the end.

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