Don’t Fight With Her Or Be Afraid Of Her Anymore: The Scale Can Be Your Best Friend

The recurring joke is to fear the scale; run away and think of her as a monster that runs around us every morning. Do not be afraid of him or hide. Make the scale your best friend!

It is common that in many homes there are bathroom scales so that people, easily and frequently, can check their weight and avoid health problems, but it is equally common for these scales to be kept under the bed or hidden in a closet and not fulfill their function. Here you will find some small suggestions that you can implement in favor of your health and that of your family.

1. Take your scale out of the closet and put it in a place

accessible and in sight

A good place can be near your dresser or where you usually leave your slippers, the idea is that you can have it on hand to weigh yourself regularly and that you have no excuse to do it.

2. If you don’t have one, buy the one that best suits your needs and tastes

In the market you can find scales

Mechanical. They are the most similar to the ones doctors use in their offices and are very safe and reliable. The vast majority of brands do not need to be adjusted. They have the advantage of being inexpensive and practical.

Digital or electronic. These types of scales are very popular for the functions they can offer. Some even help you keep records; they have alarm and many interesting things. They use batteries and can be delicate in their use and care. Some of them have to be calibrated and programmed. There are many models and the prices vary according to the functions they handle.

Look for a scale that has a wide platform where your feet are easily accommodated so that your heels are on that area and not left out.

3. Keep a regular record of your weight

If we are going to start taking care of our health it is important that you consider this:

Weigh yourself only once a week. For example, on Mondays. Or, maximum, Monday and Friday, but not daily. The idea is to take care of yourself, not obsess over weight.

Do it at the same time. Wear the same clothes when weighing yourself, your nightwear is enough. Do it before you shower. Monday when you wake up and before bathing with your pajamas on is a very good choice.

Don’t forget to keep a record. Leave a notebook or a sheet on the wall, where you can write down the date and weighing of that day, so you will begin to become aware of how your weight goes up and down according to the way you eat and your level of physical activity.

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4. Supplement your weighing with a tape measure

Sometimes, when taking care of yourself, you do not lose weight but your measurements are reduced. That’s great news too! Measure and keep a weekly record of the measurements, always in the same place, of your bust, waist, hip, arm and leg. Keep in mind that the circumference of your waist speaks a lot about your health, if it exceeds 100 centimeters it is convenient that you visit the doctor or a nutritionist to start an appropriate diet for you.

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5. Start taking care of yourself

Thomas S. Monson said, “When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” When you keep a weekly record of your weight and measurements, you can talk to a friend about your progress, then you will feel a greater commitment to move forward and the care of your health and figure will improve significantly.

The same happens if another member of the family begins to take care of themselves. Always keep in mind that it is the opportunity to sincerely encourage each other and not to criticize or make fun of the effort and failure of people. I wish you every success in this effort to control your weight!

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