Does Your Family Do These Things? If They Do, Their Family Bond Is Strong

All families are peculiar, each one of them has a stamp that characterizes it for being different and is what really shapes our personality and identity. The way we were educated, the customs, the type of culture, the number of members they have, even the age of the parents, are usually aspects that make a family have its own essence.

That is why you have to recognize some great ways of being as a family, in order to adopt similar behaviors and make a much more fun and meaningful coexistence for your children. Having a family is the most valuable human being, since we are born we are social beings and our first contact with the world is our parents, they are the example to follow in our future relationships and the perfect imitation to form our own home.

What do families do to be cool?

  1. They all dress the same

A great way to identify and have a sense of permanence in a group, strengthening ties and family unity, is when entire families (parents and children) usually dress the same color or identical clothes at special events, parties or celebrations, they even usually make their own t- shirts with each member’s name or surname.

One of the memories of my childhood was when my mother, my sister and I dressed the same, as my mother explained, she did it to avoid losing sight of us when we went out to a very crowded place, however, that action managed to make me feel a special part and important in my family. Something very characteristic!

  1. Unforgettable birthdays

Some families prepare many days in advance when a family member’s birthday celebration will arrive. They usually surprise the celebrant, with gifts hidden throughout the house, throwing surprise parties and huge cakes with a decoration that identifies them, be it their favorite characters from childhood or current tastes.

They have incredible parties, full of food, music and dances, they even usually hire a special place to invite many people, (as if it were a wedding or something like that).

  1. An illusion of childhood

Few children do not grow up excited about a fantasy of a character who will give them gifts at Christmas for their good behavior the rest of the year such as: Santa Claus or Father Christmas, El NiƱo Dios or Los Reyes Magos, even also the fairy or mouse of the teeth enter that fantastic illusion.

There are families that take the time to promote this illusion in their children, I remember that my sister and I, we left a glass of milk, cookies and buckets of water for the dear three kings and their animals who traveled tired from house to house, leaving gifts to all the children of the world. It is about recognizing that beautiful family custom that nurtures the union and love between parents and children.

  1. Family road trips

Many families often make very long trips to get to a destination to go on vacation, taking the option of traveling by car and thus share unforgettable experiences full of learning with the family. Although it can be a bit tiring to be on the road for hours, families tend to have fun, improving communication, patience, tolerance and values.

  1. Chaperone only permits

It is normal for children to grow up being motivated to attend parties and meetings with their friends, even when they are very young and have their first love, parents only let them go out with a chaperone. It must be recognized that this tradition has been forgotten, however, they are family actions that denote family value, discipline, responsibility, freedom and in general the raising of children.

  1. Parents are your friends’ friends

In order to take care of you and procure for you, many parents tend to get too involved in relationships with your friends, to the point of being second parents. They pick you up and your friends from school, parties, walks and so on. As a teenager, the action of parents may not be so fantastic, however, when you grow up you will understand that their behavior is to take care of your well-being.

  1. Halloween is not just for kids

Children tend to get very excited about these Halloween celebrations, almost in most of the world it is celebrated. What is peculiar about families is that many parents tend to choose their costumes in advance to accompany their children to trick-or-treating from house to house. It seems like an ideal time to exploit the inner child and remember childhood.

All families are incredible, the way of educating their children, of living among them, of having unforgettable experiences, is what makes them special. A family is love, guidance, support, strength, togetherness, growth, independence, and many other almost indescribable characteristics.


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