Does Your Back Hurt? With These Tips, Not Me Anymore!

They say that true age is measured by the health of the spine. Eliminate back pain and rejuvenate it by following these simple recommendations.

With the birth of my first daughter I began to experience a lot of pain in the spine, a little above the waist. When I told the doctor what was happening to me, we discovered that the anesthesia applied to the rachea had formed a “callus” between the vertebrae and therefore the pain appeared and radiated up to the legs.

The sedentary lifestyle, the passing of the years and the weight gain increased the pain every day more and more, until one morning I could not move without help, having only 26 years.

That day I refused to get used to the pain and began to investigate what I could do to regain my mobility, until I did. That is why I tell you that if you also suffer from pain in the back or the sciatic nerve, this article will be very useful, I assure you.

Here are some of the things that we generally do and do not repair that can seriously damage our backs. Pay special attention to these types of habits and correct them, thus avoiding later damage.

Bad postures

Grannies and our moms insisted to the point of exhaustion in sitting correctly, not slouching and walking straight. All of this has a good reason for being: taking care of our spine and maintaining its health and flexibility.

Currently, the use of cell phones, for example, keeps us bending our necks constantly and neglecting the good posture of our spine. The same happens if you usually use the computer in bed or simply if you spend a lot of time in the same position.

Seek to correct yourself when you see yourself in the mirror or when passing through the windows and shop windows. Take care of the height of your heels and change position frequently.

Charging incorrectly

Many of us know it, but for some reason we remember it until we already hurt our waist. If you are going to load something, bend your knees like weightlifting athletes do. Never bend at the waist and carry, much less if you are wearing heels! Drop down and load carefully.

If necessary, wear a girdle or girdle, it will help you contain the muscles and avoid the terrible tears that deeply injure the back. If you use a bag, take care to change your shoulder and not always carry it on the same side, ah! and reduce the weight you carry as much as possible.


There is no option: if you have a problem in the spine you must be at your ideal weight or a little less. Being overweight directly impacts your back and damages the vertebrae, muscles and nerves. The difference between having pain and eliminating it is directly related to being at the correct weight.

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What to do if I am already in pain?

If any of the above habits or some other circumstance has led you to suffer discomfort in the back, spine or neck, it is best that you do not get used to the pain and take care of yourself appropriately. Here are some tips about it:

1. Exercise

It is not negotiable, we must exercise to preserve and prolong the health of the spine. Practicing yoga is a very good option, as there are specific exercises or postures to strengthen the back.

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2. Physical therapy

Massage in its various forms can greatly aid recovery. Don’t hesitate to invest in your health. Ask your doctor if you can take a vitamin to strengthen your nerves.

3. A good bed and pillow

As hard to believe as it may seem, a good mattress and a good pillow contribute to the health of your back. If you adopt a bad posture when sleeping, you are still hurting yourself, so if we spend eight hours in bed resting, it is worth a lot of effort to buy a good bed.

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Today I am in my forties and my back is very good. Sometimes I have some discomfort, but it happens because I forget to carry what I lift correctly or because I neglect my posture. I’m still attentive to my weight because losing a few kilos has taken the pain away from my life, yes, if I forget it and start to climb, immediately my back protests.

Do you have any recommendations to take care of your back? Share it with us.

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