Does Bill Gates Give Selfless Help?

Bill Gates, along with Paul Allen, created the largest computer software company in 1975. Now he is the richest man in the world. But have you ever wondered what he does with all the money he makes?

Presumably everyone knows who Bill Gates is. However, to make sure there is no doubt, here are some facts about him: he owns the Microsoft Corporation, dedicated to software. According to Forbes magazine , in its September 2013 issue, Gates tops the list of the richest men in the world, since he recovered by displacing the Mexican Carlos Slim. The same magazine affirms that he is the most admired person in the world, and that he tops the list of the billionaires who have donated the most resources to altruistic causes.

Together with his wife Melinda he created the “Bill and Melinda Gates foundation”, an organization that has donated more than 25 billion dollars. A large percentage of this money has been earmarked for the welfare of developing countries. The foundation, whose motto is, “We firmly believe that every human being deserves to have a healthy and full life,” works, among many other causes, to meet the needs of a hungry population in Africa and school dropouts in Los Angeles, California. For which they follow these points:

They focus on strategic situations that can achieve a better quality of life in some populations. The most important thing for the foundation is not to solve the problems caused by adverse situations, but to eradicate the context itself, in order to avoid its negative results. In this way, it will be easier to take advantage of all the resources allocated to these causes.

They believe in the transformative capacity of technology and science

They work through grants (subsidies)

In other words, the foundation gives money to non-profit organizations, exempt from tax collection in the United States and dedicated to helping them achieve their objectives. In this area are organizations such as the “Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa”, dedicated to fighting hunger and poverty in that continent or “Building changes”, which works to support homeless families in Washington, among others. The grant policy considers three elements: quality interactions, clear communication and feedback with each of the grantees. In this way, it will work better for the good of each of the causes.

One of the most important achievements of the Gates Foundation was in India, where thanks to their support, in three years, there has been no case of polio. Which means that India can officially declare itself polio free. This result has been considered the most impressive worldwide, considering that a few years ago any expert would have thought that it was impossible for such a disease to be eradicated in that country, since almost half of the cases diagnosed in the world, the the Hindu people suffered.

Altruism is defined as the human behavior that consists in providing disinterested attention to others. Somehow it is something that we should all exercise. We may not be as financially as good as Bill Gates, but there will always be something we can give to others. For example:

Donate a fixed amount to recognized institutions

The amount may be small, according to our ability, but when added to other donations, it can change the life of someone who is sick or needs financial help.

Giving clothes or blankets to shelters for children or the elderly

Maybe in our closet there are clothes stored for years. These places always need these kinds of donations.

Share your health

Many of us know that we can donate blood for people in need, but did you know that you can donate platelets to help people suffering from leukemia?

Perhaps your life is full of love, which you can spread among those around you. In a surprising way love, the more it is distributed, the greater it becomes. Sometimes a simple gesture of affection can teach a life lesson to someone who felt no hope. Because, as Melinda Gates herself says, “Regardless of the conditions in which we live, where we live and how we live, we all share the same dreams.” And now I ask you, wouldn’t you like to be like the fourth wizard?, and give a little of yourself?

Without a doubt, the figure of Bill Gates creates controversy. For some it is a role model, while for others it represents the power of capitalism. Regardless of our opinion of him, any help that is done for others must be selfless.

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