Do Your Joints Hurt? Avoid Consuming These 6 Foods

Prevent your joints from swelling and preventing a better quality of life. Learn about the compounds in certain foods and eliminate them from your diet completely.

Going up, down, walking, running or any physical activity that you do, causes some kind of discomfort in the joints, we could say that it is normal, since you are demanding some kind of physical wear and tear on your body. However, when the pain is intense and it is not exactly that you have done a lot of exercise, it can be associated with some type of injury or chronic condition such as arthritis, inflammation, tight muscles, gout, osteoarthritis or tendonitis to mention a few.

Having pain in the joints such as in the knees, elbows, wrists or ankles, reduce the ability to perform our daily tasks, due to the intensity of the pain, this can be so acute leaving us disabled. Fortunately, there are some commercial medicines and foods that you can consume to avoid intense pain and thus continue with your activities.

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One of the recommendations to reduce pain and improve mobility in the joints is to avoid consuming:

1. Foods with sugar

Eating sweets, cakes, soft drinks among other foods that contain a lot of sugar can harm our health. Too much sugar is associated with obesity, oral disease, diabetes, and joint pain. It can be an energy pump, however, over time the body becomes lazy, because the extra sugar that remains in the body and travels through the bloodstream will put stress on the muscles and joints, causing pain.

Therefore, it is advisable to sweeten beverages and foods with honey or artificial sweeteners such as stevia.

2. Red meat

Eating too much red meat can affect health by increasing the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions, since they are composed of a large amount of iron that produces hemoglobin for our good health, however in excess it causes inflammation and pain in the joints .

When meats are processed they contain purine and chemical nitrite, which increase pain and inflation. According to a study, the glucan present in red meat increases the growth of cancer cells, worsening blood circulation.

Choose to consume, chicken, fish, tuna, salmon, turkey etc.

3 eggs

Although the egg is a food rich in protein, its component of arachidonic acid in its yolk, causes inflammation and swelling in the joints. Even the egg has saturated fat that can affect our health, by eating it in excess.

Choose to consume the egg whites combined with turkey ham and vegetables.

4. Dairy products

The protein called casein that is present in many dairy foods such as milk, cheese and butter, increases pain and inflammation in the joints. According to specialists, proteins affect the tissues that cover the joints, in addition to being saturated fats, preventing the correct passage of blood to the body.

5. Coffee

Consuming too much coffee can seriously damage your circulation, causing your joints to swell. The caffeine it contains causes a decrease in vitamins and minerals, also increases inflammation and swelling. You can have decaffeinated coffee or tea infusions.

6. Fast foods

Many of the fast foods such as hamburgers, hotdogs, French fries, among others contain a lot of sugar, saturated fat and carbohydrates, which can cause inflammation in the joints and overweight. Although potatoes contain potassium, people who have arthritis or other circulatory problems should avoid consuming them as it can worsen their health.

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How to prevent joint pain?

Joint pain can be caused by diseases or injuries, so it cannot be prevented, however, joint mobility and muscle strength can be promoted, doing physical exercises, avoiding toxic habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol and having a balance diet.

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