Do You Want To Change Your Results Right Now? Here The Formula

If you feel frustrated or desperate because you work very hard to obtain excellent results, and no matter how much you do, they do not arrive, I recommend that you keep reading to learn what you should change.

By tradition we acquire a certain language. In the environment that surrounds us, sayings, sayings, idioms, slogans, phrases and colloquial, commercial, familiar, popular, social, cultural terms, etc., are handled that program our mind without realizing it. When we speak, we make severe statements that affirm inappropriate behavior scripts, the consequence of false and limiting beliefs, which we call “paradigms”, which enter our neurons like ticks, forming a deep learning groove.

If you want to break with negative results, a consequence of your “paradigms”, which you do not realize because their nature is unconscious, you will have to make them aware, taking care of thoughts, feelings and words as a true guardian, until it becomes a habit. , to form a different groove in your brain with what you do want. For this to happen, at least 21 consecutive days must pass, and if you find that you missed it for a day, you will have to start again.

We will begin by exercising our language, since its pronunciation arises as a consequence of many internal factors that have been consciously or unconsciously triggered; So by changing the external language with a purpose, the internal language will automatically change and, as a consequence, the structure of thoughts, feelings and actions. The word becomes a powerful statement and therefore sets the course for everything else. It is time to think what do you really want for your life ?, and be congruent.

If you want to have different results right now in all areas, you will have to eliminate certain words and phrases from your vocabulary, and exchange them for others that are causal. Here are some of them, their meaning and consequences:

  • Change “difficult” to “challenge. It difficult becomes heavy, complicated and sometimes you get stuck for a solution. Challenge involves emotion, putting your skills into action, showing yourself who you are, what you are made of and how far you can go.

  • Instead of “problem” say “situation. The problem denotes something with a complex or no solution, and places you in a space of helplessness and anxiety; Instead, the situation opens up a panorama of the event, something that will happen and that can be resolved.

  • Replace “Poor” with “Bankrupt. The poverty all means lacking in all aspects, not only economically, and broken talk about a specific situation. “At this moment I am broke” (automatically it is perceived that this can change). It is different from saying “I am poor” (which hits on the identity, who I am and that I cannot or will not do anything to change it).

  • Instead of “Guilty” use “responsible. The guilt is a negative state of the human being and culture bears printed social stigmas, repression, anxiety and many things that cause low self – esteem. Responsibility is the ability to respond to circumstances. When we plead guilty we are emotional vanes at the disposal of whoever takes the reins of executioner and can be a person or a situation, and that makes us victims, taking negative attitudes that end up hurting us and those around us, what is regular are our loved ones. The ability to respond makes us grow because it activates our power of decision and choice. It is having the ability to choose what will be the best response, it is putting the positive mental attitude into action. Positive or negative circumstances will always present themselves, because that’s what the game of life is about, experiencing a wide range of possibilities; However, the most important thing is with what attitude we play it.

  • Replace “I have to” with “I choose. When you say ” I have to … wash, cook, make the report, change Jaimito’s diaper, feed the dog, etc.”, immediately you feel a lead on your shoulders and your face reflects indisposition, then things cost more work and we want the time to fly by. On the other hand, if we say ” I choose … to wash, cook, do the report, etc.”, our mind makes more positive determinations and predisposes us to be in a better mood when completing our tasks.

Everything we say, think and feel has a great impact on the way we behave. If we pay attention to each word we emit, then we will realize that many are deteriorating our results and for more effort put into achieving something we threaten our dreams. The not very pleasant news is that our children learn what they hear and see. If we are careful with our way of expressing ourselves, we will build an easier path to achieve what we set out to do.

It’s time for a great interior redesign so that size is the bonus. Share this article with the people you live with so they can give each other feedback and take great care that their words are the right ones in order to obtain positive results.

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