Do You Want A Change In Your Life? Learn To Thank

Be grateful is so easy that it seems absurd that it can change your life forever.

It’s funny how we change over time. If you take a few minutes to remember the person you were five years ago, you will realize that you have changed, a lot!

In my case, I am not the same as about ten years ago. At that time she was a woman with very little spirituality. For me, health or belief in God was in the background. Yes, I went to church and learned many things; however, it was extremely basic and I was more concerned with material things than with spiritual things. It’s not that now I don’t worry about having economic stability; what happened was that I found the right balance.

When change is urgent for your life

It’s easy to get comfortable with who you are; the comfort zoneit was always comfortable. The situation is that if you want a change in your life, you must make the changes that allow you to have the strengths that change requires.

You cannot aspire to have peace of mind, when you detest everyone who does not do your will. Pretending to get along with family and neighbors is absurd when you love to meddle in other people’s affairs (just to name a few).

It’s the same when what you want the most is for your life to be full of blessings. You cannot pretend to have happiness and prosperity when you deny what you have and what you don’t have.

That was what happened to me. I wanted my life to be happy; being prosperous and having a good job were some of my biggest goals. I also wanted to stop feeling so sad and lonely, but I couldn’t. For years I insisted on acting the same way; the way my family had taught me. I refused to change because it was more comfortable to continue with the same line of action. The news is that being such a negative attitude was just stalling me in every way possible.

The transition

That stagnation lasted for years, and I was falling deeper and deeper. I cried daily and despaired of seeing myself from bad to worse.

It was then that I received a friend request from an old fellow student. I accepted her, and stalking her profile I realized that she had changed a lot. It had been years since we shared a classroom and a sporadic “good morning.” She was happy in a way that I didn’t understand, and I wanted to be happy like her. Not having confidence, I did not dare to ask her anything, but I began to observe her behavior.

I realized that he was optimistic to a point that seemed absurd to me. Also, he always had a kind word and was very optimistic. Honestly, I never saw that aspect of her, but I didn’t know her either. Then I realized that my failure and unhappiness was due to my attitude.

So I chose to change. It was not easy and required a total turnaround in my way of being. On top of that, I kept away from people and beliefs that held me in inconceivable ways. It was hard and painful, but it was worth it.

Be thankful changed everything

After removing everything that had me stuck, I implemented qualities and attitudes that I did not have. I made an effort every day so that laziness and sadness did not overwhelm me. When a discouraging thought came, I chose to be grateful for everything I had: my family, a home, health, and the strength to move on.

to thank It helped me to realize that what I had was much more than what others had. So, I went on to say thank you every time I wanted. I gave thanks when I woke up for a new day of life, for food, for my family and so much more.

All of this reached a point where my attitude changed. One day someone was bitter and the next everything got better. My days literally started to get brighter and I felt better about myself. I realized that the complaints of others bothered me a lot, and that I was no longer complaining. She no longer lived in eternal paranoia; I didn’t care what other people said or thought of me.

In addition to that, many opportunities began to come into my life. I got a good job and my relationship with my family improved a lot.

Today I recognize that although the change was not easy, it did improve my life in all aspects.

The first step of change is wanting to be better

It is the same thing a person should do when they want to quit an addiction; want to change. Wanting to change and improve your life is the first step in personal progress.

When you realize your failures, your mistakes and failures, you realize that there is a repeating pattern. For example, the pattern that repeated in me was pessimism. Besides, he had very little faith in me; the fear of risking stagnated me. All of this made me bitter. This was repeated over and over again.

Little by little and step by step, I replaced thought patterns. If I felt a sad thought or feeling coming, I would go for a walk and see everything around me. It forced me to think that I was happy, that I deserved to be happy. Also, she was thankful for everything she was aware of. That was something I did for months. At first it was difficult, but then it became a habit that accompanied with a good attitude.

I can tell you, from my own experience, that being happy is a matter of wanting to be. Being blessed and lucky is a matter of changeof attitude. Chen you do, all of life turns out to be so much easier to live.

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