Do You Think You Have Tried Everything To Get Out Of The Routine In Your Marriage?

Find inspiration to come up with a couple of fresh, different, and novel ideas that will get you out of the marriage routine.

It is common to think that we have already tried all kinds of romantic activities to get out of the routine. Surprise with a gift, a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, tickets to go to a concert or the theater, love texts or letters, are all details that are done to break the monotony and revitalize the relationship.

Even so, with the passage of time, relationships change, grow, decrease, deteriorate, become stronger, due to the degree of responsibilities and obligations that living with a partner and children entails. Therefore, for the good of our marriage we must take time to enjoy the couple using the imagination. The lack of financial resources is not an excuse, as there are many ways to innovate and surprise the loved one, even having fun and living exciting experiences.

Here I share some:

1. Switch roles

A fun way to find out what your partner does is to exchange, for example, the activities at home that each of you does on a daily basis. This action will allow them to feel, experience, know and reflect on what the couple does: all those things that maybe you did not value you will know from your own experience.

Dare to change and take at least one weekend the role of your husband, an excellent opportunity to leave the routine in a fun way.

2. Meetings with friends

An entertaining way for you and your husband not to get caught up in the same activities is to organize meetings with friends you have in common and socialize as a couple: the ideal space to share anecdotes, experiences, teachings and good humor. It is a way of forgetting everyday responsibilities for a moment.

That the economy of your home does not limit you, you can support yourself with your friends and that the meeting is “in a suit”: that everyone contributes something besides their presence.

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3. Time away from home

It doesn’t matter if it’s just going for a walk in the park, the neighborhood or the neighborhood; just going out together to talk about your day to day, holding hands, will cause a change in your perspective. Remember to always have contact with nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy beautiful landscapes; These small actions are a good stimulus for relaxation and reflection.

4. What they don’t do in their daily life

If from Monday to Friday your life is a colossal routine, break with it. Put off your responsibilities and undertake some activity that you have always wanted to do, such as preparing and trying different foods (Hindu, Mediterranean, Italian, etc.), flying a kite, climbing a mountain, going camping, visiting museums, making a bonfire on the shore of the river. sea ​​(to the extent that its possibilities allow it); or simply watch a movie or series marathon, read and comment on what you have read, or learn to play chess.

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The important thing about all this is that you communicate with your partner, that you be clear and frank about the weight of the routine and how you can both lighten it. Keep in mind that a marriage is built on mutual commitment, so with all the love and patience in the world, tell your husband that you are desperate to do new things to strengthen your union.

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